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Title: Real Adidas Shoes
Year: 2004
Section: Misc.
Notes: These were to be released as part of the Adidas 35th Anniversary Superstar series, but they were not made available to the public. Only ten pairs were made, of which the Beastie Boys own all of them, except one pair that was auctioned on eBay for the JMJ Foundation. These came in a signed box.

In an interview with Emmanuel Ronchi (from Adidas) talking about the Music Series (35.5 model): "With the Beastie Boys' extensive support on the Adidas Superstar, we had contacted them when the project began in January 2004. However, due to the band's tight schedule, we eventually lost communication with each other. 10 months later when all 35 designs had already been finalized and put into production, I ran into the band during their tour in Germany, and we came up with the idea of creating a set of apparel for their world tour. Since they are from New York, no other SS35 models but New York City would best represent the band. This resulted in the Beastie Boys Superstar, we termed it the 35.5 SS35 model, and track suit. Only 10 pairs of these Superstar's were made."

These are also fake versions of these sneakers.

A big thanks to Crooked Tongues, Sneaks4Freaks and Snapman for the info and pics.