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Well, I'm chilly-chill most of the time
But I make a lot of noise when I bust a fresh rhyme
I'm cooling with the posse, cold drinking pissy
Met a young girl and got cold busy

Not Abbott and Costello, just me and my mellow
Got a microphone so I don't gotta bellow (yeah)
I'm tough not yellow, I don't eat Jello
I know that I'm def, what about this fellow (tell 'em)

I'm Mike D, I'm known fly cooly (tell 'em)
Got the fly rhymes and the fresh fly woolie
Starting epidemic each and every time (time)
Girls cutting class to hear me rhyme

Stand at the bar, don't sit on a stool
Ride a Harley, not a goddamn mule
Well...kick it!
Me and my crew doing the do
Cooling around the way 'cause we got to
There's one more thing that you should know
Mike D is a desperado

Well, DJ Strong hold popping that weak
He punched Big Bird in his goddamn beak
Gold on my fingers, silver in my pocket
Mike went to the party and (D) tried to rock it
That party was weak, I did The Freak
I peeped out the back with the fresh unique
Got girls on my tippy back out the way (what?)
Jocking and clocking
I'm MCA (yeah)
It must be a drag just getting old
But I don't gotta worry 'cause I'm so damn cold
Kick it cold, cold rocking
My name is Adam Yauch and I know you all clocking

Me and my posse, oh, so killing
Stone cold fly and nive to five chilling
There's one more thing you all should know (what?)
Adrock's a desperado

I'm on top and that's the way to be
I'm the stupid, def-est, always rocking
Every store in town, you know it's stocking
All of my records are records on charts (charts)
You know I'm goddamn stupid
Farther than any other record can go
Don't you know I'm rocking in stereo
I'm on the top, bottom, even in the middle
I got the def rhymes and it ain't no riddle
I'm the king of the castle with no hassle
Take a girlie to my house, we start to wrestle
'Cause I'm a rebel without a pause (check it) (word)
Keep rocking and breaking laws
I got Gucci cologne so you know I'm not stinking
Got more rhymes than my boy Abe Lincoln
Get those suckers 'cause you know I gotta
Order a fajita and a fresh enchilada
Shot that parrot 'cause he used to chirp
Can't eat Chinese 'cause it makes me burp
Went from bar to bar, I got rejected
My fake ID, it was disrespected
Got records in London
Quit my job 'cause my boss is a faggot
One more thing that you should know
MCA is a desperado