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Interview with B-Real

[ Conducted in October 2002 ] had the privilege of interviewing rap legend B-Real (of Cypress Hill) in regard to his crew's collaboration with the Beastie Boys. We are proud to present the following and would like to extend a huge thank you to B-Real for granting us this opportunity.

Back in 1992 you toured with the Beastie Boys and even came out onstage to join in on the last verses of So What'cha Want to the delight of the masses. In 1994, you got back together with Rage Against the Machine and the Beastie Boys to do the Leonard Peltier benefit concert in Gardena, CA.

B-Real of Cypress Hill

In the song "Kronologik" you mention the Beasties. What memories do you have from those days spent on the road with them?

The time I remember touring with the Beasties was one of the best tours we ever had the pleasure of being on. I was always a big fan of the Beasties, so it was an exciting experience to be out with them. We hung out at various times on the tour and although they weren't the party boy Beasties of old, they were still very cool with us and showed us much love and respect.

For many fans of the Beastie Boys, the Soul Assassins Remix of “So What'cha Want” stands out as perhaps even being better than the original.

For the many guest appearances you have made on other artists' records, do you have a favorite collaboration that you're particularly proud of?

One of my favorites was in fact that particular song "So What’cha Want". As I have said before I was a big Beastie Boys fan, so to finally do a song with them was a great feeling... another was the callobo I did with Nas & Krs-One, on Dr. Dre's Group Therapy project... and another that stands out was the track I did with Redman, Method man and Sen Dog for the movie "How High". I always wanted to get down on a track with them and the opportunity finally presented itself.

Many fans were shocked that the music video that was made for the Soul Assassins remix of "So What'cha Want" was left off of the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD. In its place, a shortened version of your remix is included as one of the audio options that one may select while viewing the standard video version.

Did Adam Yauch or anyone from the Beastie Boys' camp ever contact you either one way or another in regard to that video being on the DVD?

I was not contacted by anyone for it. But I was glad to hear it (the remix) had made it, because it’s documentation showing our respect and loyalty to them. They helped us out early on by taking us on tour with them.

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