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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 16 Mar 2006

Country: United States
City: Austin, TX
Venue: Stubb's


Secret gig for South by Southwest Film Festival

Despite having "So What'cha Want" as the last song on the setlist, "Intergalactic" was the last song played as time ran out.
1. Brass Monkey
2. Root Down
3. Sure Shot
4. Pass the Mic
5. Paul Revere
6. Shake Your Rump
7. Right Right Now Now
8. Egg Man
9. Triple Trouble
10. No Sleep till Brooklyn
11. Three MC's and One DJ
12. Body Movin'
13. Ch-Check It Out
14. Intergalactic
Star-Telegram, March 17, 2006
By Malcolm Mayhew

Causing a human 5 o'clock traffic jam that wrapped around two blocks, rap-rockers the Beastie Boys played a secret show at Stubb's on Thursday night. Only it wasn't much of a secret, thanks to word-of-mouth, which spreads at South by Southwest like colds in kindergarten. The place was so jammed that hundreds were turned away. The New York trio, at SXSW to promote their new concert film, Awesome: I [expletive] Shot That, ran through a set that relied heavily on their last album, their 2004 love letter to New York, To the 5 Boroughs, but also included a few oldies, such as "No Sleep Till Brooklyn."