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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 9 December 2004

Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Venue: Max Schmeling Halle

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Talib Kweli


Pageant Tour
1. Mix Master Mike Intro
2. Alright Hear This
3. Root Down
4. Sure Shot
5. Pass the Mic
6. Triple Trouble
7. Posse in Effect
8. Super Disco Breakin'
9. Skills to Pay the Bills
10. Shake Your Rump
11. Sabrosa
12. Lighten Up
13. Something's Got to Give
14. An Open Letter to NYC
15. Body Movin'
16. Right Right Now Now
17. Paul Revere
18. Three MC's and One DJ
19. Brass Monkey
20. Ch-Check It Out
21. So What'cha Want
22. Intergalactic
23. Gratitude
24. Sabotage
Fan Review by paece!-man:
After the May gig in Berlin and the new album in June, I was counting the days for the next concert to happen. On the 9th of December, the waiting came to an end. I put on my self-made Beastie shirt that I had made in June and that I would only wear to Beastie concerts and arrived at 7:30pm in the Max Schmeling Halle. Talib Kweli started at 7:40pm and went on till 8:25pm. He did really well and moved the 2500 people that filled the hall by this time. As you know, Hip Hop in Germany is nowhere near as big as in the US and I think only 200 people (me included) knew more than his name. But he did really well and the crowd was ready to see the boys. We had to wait until 9:00pm, then the lights went off and a telescreen showed the hall from the stageview. After five minutes, the telescreen showed Mix Master Mike sitting on a couch. On his right hand I recognized a clown sitting (I have no clue what this was meant to be) and the left side a female interviewer with French dialect asked him some stupid questions about scratching. First, he answered the questions but after two minutes he stood up and said that he must show her because she understands nothing. Followed by a camera they went on stage and Mix Master started his intro. After three minutes the Boys went on stage and went straight into "Alright, Hear This". The crowd exploded for the first time. Then they said "hello, good to be back again" and then it was "Root Down" time. Everybody on the floor just jumped around and with the next song, "Sure Shot", my concert feeling overtook me.

From now I was in a timeless zone of partying and Beastie Boys. After "Sure Shot," they did "Pass The Mic". It's one of my favourite Beastie songs and I went crazy when Mix Master cut the beat of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like Its Hot" in. So cool, cool, cool ...
After "Triple Trouble" (someone dressed like Sasquatch was sightend in the crowd), "Posse In Effect" (never thought to hear this) and "Super Disco Breakin" (just jump and jump and ...) they performed "Skills to Pay the Bills." Damn, this song rocks.

When they performed "Shake Your Rump" as the next one I recognized that the sound was not perfect and the high tones were too quiet. Then the Boys left the stage and Mix Master did a furious solo. Then his turntable stage left the stage and a wagon with the Boys, Money Mark, Bobo and Nishita moved on stage. They were dressed as a wedding band and really looked cool. First they played "Sabrosa" and I danced all through it. While they played "Lighten Up" a light installation was lowered and when Adrock sang the first chorus ("You Gotta Lighten Up") the lights went on. So cool.

After "Lighten Up" they performed "Something's Got To Give," the one I waited for. Damn, this was just amazing. They played for around 15 minutes but it seemed to be half an hour. Finally the wagon left the stage and they went on with performing "Open Letter To NYC." The lyrics took over me, and I was asking myself what would it be like to hear this song in New York. Then the Boys performed "Body Movin" and everybody did as the song told them to do.

After the performance of "Right Right Now Now" they did "Paul Revere." Every fan that was a fan before To the 5 Boroughs was released went mad and I just couldn't help it. I was really near to a collapse but somehow I got by.

Then "Three MC's and One DJ" amazed everyone because of the amazing scratch routine that Mix Master Mike has. After "Brass Monkey" (fuck the sound system! - no high tones) and "Ch-check It Out" (Just jump, jump, jump ...; Mike did the "freshsh..." for one and a half minutes) they said that they have one last song for us before they leave and this would be "So What'Cha Want." With low energy I gave everything to enjoy this song although I know that this couldn't be the last song. The Boys left the stage, the crowd wanted them back and so they came back with an intergalactic "Intergalactic.". Damn, I was surprised that the crowd still had so much power and it was really amazing. The Boys left the stage again but you could hear the sound of instruments and everyone thought of "Sabotage". But they surprised us again and played "Gratitude.". But after this it was really time for the last song. This was of course "Sabotage." Giving my last energy I just jumped around and knew for what I learned all the lyrics and listened to the six records so often. Damn, the whole crowd exploded and went mad. After this they said goodbye and said that they will return, sometime.

I hope that this will not be in 2010...

Note: There was no control and you could take as many cams with you as you wanted. I saw many cams in the hall so maybe you'll find the gig somewhere in the internet.