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Gig Info:
Lineup: Luscious Jackson
Performance Date: 5 Oct 1999

Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Venue: Irving Plaza

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Ben Lee


Nervous Breakthrough Tour.

The band announced that this was the first time they ever played "Space Diva" and "Sexy Hypnotist" live in concert.
Vivian Trimble who previously was a member of Luscious Jackson and then quit the band, joined them on stage for "City Song".
1. Here
2. Bam-Bam
3. Summer Daze
4. Ladyfingers
5. Love That's Real Suite
6. Fantastic Fabulous
7. Naked Eye
8. Angel
9. Electric
10. Devotion
11. Space Diva
12. Rock Freak
13. Country's a Callin'
14. Christine
15. Sexy Hypnotist
16. Nervous Breakthrough
17. Why Do I Lie?
18. Surprise
19. City Song