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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 24 November 1992

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles, CA
Venue: Universal Amphitheatre

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Rollins Band
  • Cypress Hill


Cypress Hill came out during the Beastie Boys set and gave them Cypress Hill skateboards. Ten minutes later, someone from the crowd jumped on stage and stole one of them and dove back into the crowd.

Cypress Hill also came out and performed "So What'cha Want" with the Beastie Boys for the encore.

During this concert, portions of the Beastie Boys' performance of the Minor Threat cover "Screaming at a Wall," "Skills to Pay the Bills," "Gratitude," "Namaste," and "So What'cha Want" were filmed and mixed together with footage from other tour stops to create the finished product which appeared on the Sabotage Home Video. To differentiate which footage was filmed at this show, look for shots where Mike D was wearing an old Ghostbusters t-shirt.
1. Jimmy James
2. Shake Your Rump
3. Pass the Mic
4. The New Style
5. Egg Raid on Mojo
6. Screaming at a Wall
7. Transit Cop
8. In 3's
9. Stick 'Em Up
10. Live at PJ's
11. Stand Together
12. Posse in Effect
13. Egg Man
14. High Plains Drifter
15. Hello Brooklyn
16. Finger Lickin' Good
17. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
18. Rhymin' and Stealin'
19. Gratitude
20. Pow
21. Namaste
22. Time for Livin'
23. We Will Not
24. Michelle's Farm
25. The Maestro
26. Slow and Low
27. Skills to Pay the Bills
28. So What'cha Want