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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 6 November 1992

Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Venue: Roseland Ballroom

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Rollins Band
  • Da Lench Mob

Not Available
November 21, 1992

Beastie Boys Back

LOST IN THE STORM: It was a lively, sweaty scene the Beastie Boys found before them Nov. 6 at Manhattan's Roseland. Large sections of the crowed were pogoing around, slamming into each other, jumping off speakers, and throwing their hands in the sky. Group members Mike D, King Adrock, and MCA didn't just stand there and look at the crowd. With energy to burn, they stirred the stew (a few raisins in buttermilk), forming a perfect, seamless blend of hardcore, rock and rap styles, retro sounds, and progressive noize. It really worked. Charismatic Street Knowledge/EastWest signees the Lench Mob served as opening act at the show.