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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 14 May 1992

Country: United States
City: Cincinnati, OH
Venue: Bogart's

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Basehead


The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
Not Available
Fan Review by Soopageek:
A friend of mine named Brian from the radio station where I DJ'd in college went with me to Cincinnati for this concert. We didn't see much of Basehead because we weren't really interested in them and came in about halfway through their set. I remember Mike Watt was sitting at some tables in the back of the club handing out a little flyer with a list of cover songs they would play in their set and challenging people to name the original artist. This was right after the release of their Live Totem Pole EP which had covers of Superchunk's "Slack Motherfucker" and Public Enemy's "Sophisticated Bitch." Of course, he soon retired backstage and out came fIREHOSE. It was about what I expected of them, solid but mostly uninspiring. It was interesting toward the end of the set when Mike D, MCA, and AdRock came out to sit in for the last couple of songs of the set and play drums, bass, and guitar respectively for a big inter-band jam session.

For the Beastie Boys set, I was amped and they didn't disappoint. It'd been six years since I'd seen them as a teenager and their new Check Your Head album was their first foray into playing their own instruments. The set was mixed with sections of song that were all mic controllin' and crotch grabbin' and then other sections of songs they would play their instruments while performing. It wasn't the juvenile subversiveness of their earlier concert, but it was still very high energy and I loved every single minute of it. One neat thing that happened during the show, the Boys asked if someone was there (Mike, I think it was). He was and the crowd helped body surf him to the stage where he got up there. Turns out he was the voice on the phone-machine recording that appears on the album about only be interested "in the b-boys so you can kiss my ass."