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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 29 May 1987

Country: Scotland
City: Glasgow
Venue: Barrowlands

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Newspaper clipping taken from Licensed To Ill Tour Picture Book, 1987:
Outrageous rock band The Beastie Boys were booed off stage in Glasgow. The foul-mouthed new Yorkers set out to shock their Scottish fans but ended up being shocked themselves.
They were less than 35 minutes into their act when rioting broke out at Friday night's concert at the Barrowland Ballroom.
The 2,500 youngsters packed into the hall jeered and heckled the notorious group and threw beer at them on stage. The Beasties were spat on before storming off stage only half way through their act.
But nobody seemed to mind. The audience - many high on drink and drugs - went to the bar.
The group had already been barred from the city hotels because of their reputation for wrecking rooms and smearing excrement over walls. So they have to travel overnight to their next gig in Liverpool.