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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 14 Sept 1986

Country: England
City: London
Venue: Delirium


Beastie Boys played this concert at 3 am after the Hammersmith Odeon concert.
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Excerpt from Melody Maker, September 20, 1986
By Steve Sutherland:

...But after the HM pomp, the real roots thing and the mild pop spoof, it was the Beastie Boys gold old punk rap that really shook the living daylights out of the formularised dance. They'd done a brief 10 minutes at Hammersmith but hours later, at three in the morning they performed their entire 20 minutes in Delirium, a club in the old Astoria Theatre on Charing Cross Road. While 500 or so stood out in the rain, the full house heaved to the Beasties' beautiful chaos.

Run DMC had already stormed the deejay, Whodini were attempting to get in on the act and LL was ranting off to the side before the whole shebang was forcibly silenced, a tiny space cleared and the Beasties launched in.

Smack! Somewhere, somehow in the mayhem, The Boys emerged with a mean "Slow and Low", a crackling "Cookie Puss" and the hefty "New Style" taking the piss out of all they'd seen, all they were doing, all the dumb cliches and sad macho poses. The Beastie Boys' cartoon capers were real dangerous, they risked their lives and others' limbs in an hilarious on-heat howl of protest to make something happen. Their anti-rap attitide, ransacking rifs, was justified and joyous. Rap needs the crap kicked out of it. Haste ye back wee Beasties while you're still in the raw.