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Date: 24 May 1986
Country: United States
City: Virginia Beach, VA
Venue: College Park Skating Center

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • MC Shy D
  • The Odd Couple
  • Hard Core


Hold It Now, Hit It 12" Single Release
1. Hold It Now, Hit It!
John-Joseph Gibbs (of The Odd Couple)
"General Joe--a near 400-pound musician and studio owner/keyboard player of Big Bad Bass Productions, the group producing the sound for the venue that evening--watched in frustration as Beastie Boys took the stage. Ad-Rock went on first, then MCA, and Mike D. As each member hit the stage, a microphone stand was held and shaken more vigorously, culminating in a mic stand being slammed to the stage. General Joe rushed from behind the stage and directly hit Mike D in the face. A state of pandemonium occurred as Ad-Rock ran (followed by east coast Dr. Dre, the turntablist, and his assistant David Scilken). MCA vigorously fought General Joe on stage with the microphone and allowed for the release and escape of Mike D. I recall promoter Steve Love calling me the next morning and asking if I knew exactly what happened. Everything happened so fast, but you could feel the tension as the Beasties hit the stage. I remember one second MCA sitting next to me saying, 'I'll be right back' and the next second, fighting off General Joe. It was a surreal moment in history. On August 13, 1987, at the Norfolk Scope, the security guard General Joe was escorted out by police, based on his previous attack of Mike D. As I stood there backstage waiting with Freedom Williams, MCA saw me in the distance and walked out to me. I mentioned to him that I saw Joe being removed from the facility and he said to me something to the effect 'Could you believe that he was attempting to be our security?!' From there, we discussed how he fought him off with the microphone and what had transpired that night. It was just an intense moment in history and one of the early stepping-stones/obstacles to the Beastie Boys success."