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Gig Info:
Performance Date: 11 May 1985

Country: United States
City: Miami, FL
Venue: Sportatorium

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Madonna


Opening act for Madonna's The Virgin Tour
Not Available
Excerpt from The Miami Herald, May 12, 1985
By Laura Misch:

...One middle-age couple, Barbara and Donald Goodstein of Miami, sat stoically through the opening act, Beastie Boys as their four children danced in their seats. At last, the Beastie Boys finished their deafening, half-hour set of rap music. The Goodsteins looked at each other.

She: "It was horrible."

He: "I thought it was gross."

Their son, 15-year-old David: "I don't know these people."

The kids loved the Beasties, and they adored Madonna who strutted onstage down a flight of white steps looking very hot indeed. By her third song she had shed her jacket and was prancing about in a see-through lace lingerie top and bra...