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Gig Info:
Lineup: Young Aborigines
Performance Date: 19 Jun 1981

Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Venue: 171A

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • The Primitives


This gig was played before going over to The Warehouse to play again.
1. City Blue & Grey
2. Broadway Local
3. Third Rail (I Have Failed)
4. Motherland
5. The Refigerator Awakes
6. Corpus Christie
7. Flux
8. White Glass (B.S. Version)
Note the following narrative was provided by Jeremy Shatan who recorded it on Saturday, June 20, 1981 in his diary. It is retold here with his permission.

This is the 41st hour that I've been awake. Yesterday, which merged into today, was bizarre and great.

After running some errands, I hung at home, conserving my energy for the gig. I took a nap about and hour before I had to leave. While I was getting ready to leave Mike called: We couldn't go on at 171A until 12:00 or so. The the situation developed even more: UXA, in exchanged for using our equipment offered to drive us down, and after 171A, have us open for them at The Warehouse. We readily agreed. We waited nervously for a little while but in the end got the stuff down there.

The Primitives decided to go on before us but the P.A. wasn't working so I mingled around, chatting here and there. Greg {my brother} was there along with Stephen and David Diamond {Mike's brothers} (Stephen made a bootleg). I talked to the lead singer of the Primitives.

Finally they went on. They started with the rap song but the P.A. was so low you couldn't hear the singer. So they stopped, and we said that we didn't need a P.A., we'd go on right away. We did. John was pretty high strung so he fucked up a bit (as I did too). But it was fun, especially because the stage is really high. After the set we hung waiting for Dede Troit's {of UXA} van. We received many compliments.