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The tour gigography includes a wealth of information and images on every tour date known. The gigography will remain a work in progress. Our research is never ending and fellow fans are asked to provide us with scans of their ticket stubs and other tour related items.

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Date Country City Venue Reviews Setlist Images Video Notes
21 Feb 1995 Germany Aschaffenburg Unterfrankenhalle     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
19 Feb 1995 Belgium Deinze Brielpoort       Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
18 Feb 1995 Germany Essen Grugahalle     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
15 Feb 1995 Sweden Stockholm Annexet   Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
14 Feb 1995 Norway Olso Sentrum     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
13 Feb 1995 Denmark Copenhagen KB-Hall     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
11 Feb 1995 Germany Hamburg Sporthalle     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
10 Feb 1995 Netherlands Den Haag Statenhal     Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
8 Feb 1995 France Paris Zenith   Luscious Polar Fleece Tour
5 Feb 1995 Australia Perth     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
3 Feb 1995 Australia Adelaide     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
2 Feb 1995 Australia Adelaide Synagogue     Luscious
29 Jan 1995 Australia Gold Coast     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
27 Jan 1995 Australia Sydney Metro Theatre       Luscious
26 Jan 1995 Australia Sydney Sydney Showgrounds     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
22 Jan 1995 Australia Melbourne Melbourne Showgrounds     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
20 Jan 1995 New Zealand Auckland     Luscious Big Day Out Festival
15 Jan 1995 United States   Luscious 120 Minutes
14 Jan 1995 United States New York, NY Rockefeller Center   Luscious Saturday Night Live
14 Dec 1994 United States New York, NY Beacon Theatre       Luscious WDRE Acoustic Christmas
10 Dec 1994 United States Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre     Luscious KROQ Almost Acoustic
9 Dec 1994 United States Berkeley, CA Berkeley Comunity Center   Luscious Green X-Mas Acoustic Concert
4 Dec 1994 United States San Diego, CA Casbah       Luscious
3 Dec 1994 United States Hollywood, CA     Luscious
2 Dec 1994 United States Santa Barbara, CA University of California       Luscious
30 Nov 1994 United States Sacramento, CA Colonial Theater       Luscious
29 Nov 1994 United States San Francisco, CA Bimbo's 365 Club       Luscious
28 Nov 1994 United States Palo Alto, CA Edge, The       Luscious
26 Nov 1994 United States Portland, OR La Luna     Luscious
25 Nov 1994 United States Seattle, WA RKCNDY     Luscious
20 Nov 1994 United States Denver, CO Mercury CafĂ©     Luscious
14 Oct 1994 United States Cambridge, MA Middle East Club       Luscious
13 Oct 1994 United States Northhampton, MA Pearl Street Night Club       Luscious
12 Oct 1994 United States Providence, RI Club Baby Head       Luscious
11 Oct 1994 United States New York, NY Irving Plaza       Luscious
9 Oct 1994 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace       Luscious
8 Oct 1994 United States Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall       Luscious
6 Oct 1994 United States Columbus, OH Stache's       Luscious
5 Oct 1994 United States Cleveland, OH Peabody's Down Under       Luscious
3 Oct 1994 United States Chicago, IL Double Door       Luscious
2 Oct 1994 United States Milwaukee, WI Marquette University       Luscious
1 Oct 1994 United States Minneapolis, MN First Avenue Club       Luscious
29 Sept 1994 United States Columbia, MO Blue Note, The       Luscious
28 Sept 1994 United States Lawrence, KS Kansas Union Ballroom       Luscious
26 Sept 1994 United States St. Louis, MO Other World       Luscious
25 Sept 1994 United States Nashville, TN Exit Inn       Luscious
16 Sept 1994 United States Philadelphia, PA Trocadero   Luscious
8 Aug 1994 United States Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall     Luscious
5 Aug 1994 United States Randall's Island, NY Downing Stadium   Luscious Lollapalooza / Aloha Mr. Hand Tour
3 Aug 1994 United States North Kingston, RI Quonset State Airport   Luscious Lollapalooza / Aloha Mr. Hand Tour

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