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Pirate Treasure Chapter 1 CDR : US [DMC 201] (Bootleg)
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Information: Pirate Treasure Chapter 1 CDR : US [DMC 201] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CDR Bootleg in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: DMC 201
Year: 1999
Label: DMC Records
 1. She's On It
 2. I'm Down (Demo)
 3. Rock Hard
 4. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
 5. Drum Machine
 6. The Scenario (Demo)
 7. Rhymin And Stealin
 8. Beastie Groove
 9. Desperado (Movie Version)
 10. No Sleep till Brooklyn (Demo)
 11. Drum Machine (Psycho Dust Version)
 12. Party's Getting Rough
 13. Paul Revere (Instrumental)
 14. Hold It Now, Hit It (Acapulco)
 15. She's On It (Extended Mix)
 16. Brass Monkey Remix
Notes: Tracks 5 and 11 are from The MCA And Burzootie US 12".
Track 9 Is taken from The RUN-DMC movie Tougher Than Leather.
Track 16 is taken from the Spin This Bootleg Compilation 12".