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The Beastles Ill Submarine 2LP : US (Bootleg) (Test Pressing)
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Information: The Beastles Ill Submarine 2LP : US (Bootleg) (Test Pressing)Media:
Format: 2x 12" Vinyl Bootleg Album Test Pressing
Country: United States
Catalogue No.:
Year: 2015
 1. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (DJBC Remix)
 2. The Move (DJBC Remix)
 3. Alive (DJBC Remix)
 4. Car Thief (DJBC Remix)
 5. OK (DJBC Remix)
 6. Intergalactic (DJBC Remix)
 7. The Brouhaha (DJBC Remix)
 8. Rhyme The Rhyme Well (DJBC Remix)
 9. Hey Fuck You (DJBC Remix)
 10. Brrr Stick Em (DJBC Remix)
 11. B-Boys In The Cut (DJBC Remix)
 12. Stop That Train (DJBC Remix)
 13. Heres A Little Somethin For Ya (DJBC Remix)
 14. Crazy Ass Shit (DJBC Remix)
 15. Long Burn The Fire (DJBC Remix)
 16. Say It (DJBC Remix)
 17. Tadlocks Glasses (DJBC Remix)
 18. Get It Together (DJBC Remix)
 19. Shazam (DJBC Remix)
 20. Flowin Prose (DJBC Remix)
Notes: This album contains mash-ups of the Beastie Boys & The Beatles created by DJBC

Track 1 is a mash of No Sleep Till Brooklyn and Here Comes The Sun
Track 2 is a mash of The Move and Dear Prudence
Track 3 is a mash of Alive and Yellow Submarine
Track 4 is a mash of Car Thief and Drive My Car
Track 5 is a mash of OK and Nowhere Man
Track 6 is a mash of Intergalactic and Do You Want To Know A Secret
Track 7 is a mash of The Brouhaha and Michelle
Track 8 is a mash of Rhyme The Rhyme Well and Can’t Buy Me Love
Track 9 is a mash of Hey Fuck You and Hello, Goodbye
Track 10 is a mash of Brrr Stick ‘Em and Birthday
Track 11 is a mash of B Boys In The Cut and Flying
Track 12 is a mash of Stop That Train and Twist And Shout
Track 13 is a mash of Here’s a Little Something for Ya You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Track 14 is a mash of Crazy Ass Shit and Revolution
Track 15 is a mash of Long Burn The Fire and Mean Mr Mustard
Track 16 is a mash of Say It and Martha My Dear
Track 17 is a mash of Tadlock’s Glasses and The Night Before
Track 18 is a mash of Get It Together and All Together Now
Track 19 is a mash of Shazam! and Penny Lane
Track 20 is a mash of Flowin’ Prose and Don’t Let Me Down