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I'm Down 7" : JM [BB-002] (Bootleg)
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Information: I'm Down 7" : JM [BB-002] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: 7" Vinyl Bootleg
Country: Jamaica
Catalogue No.: BB-002
Year: 2010
Label: Soul Freak
 1. I'm Down (Demo)
 2. B Boys in the Cut (DJ Organic Remix)
Notes: B-Side contains a remix of B Boys In The Cut by DJ Organic.

According to the person who created the bootleg: "I went to Jamaica some years back and while I was there I got a few records pressed including this Beastie 45. I had 100 copies of each but this Jamaican taxi driver that was helping me run around town ended up just being a greedy crook. After I returned home to the U.S. I still needed him to pick up the records and ship them back to me and he wanted way too much money for his help. Long story short, there were 3 boxes I needed shipped back and I only got 2. From those 2 boxes there were only 10 copies of the Beastie record; the other 90 were in the 3rd box which was left in Jamaica. I also wanted that Beastie record to just be a blank white label but the plant would not do that so right on the spot i came up with the "Soul Freak" label and 'BB' instead of Beastie Boys".