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B-Boy History CD : [BM 6000] (Bootleg) "Silver Disc"
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Information: B-Boy History CD : [BM 6000] (Bootleg) "Silver Disc"Media:
Format: CD5 Bootleg in Jewel Case
Catalogue No.: BM 6000
Year: 1996
Label: Blue Moon Records
 1. The Blue Nun
 2. Mark on the Bus
 3. The Biz vs. the Nuge
 4. Rock Hard
 5. Party's Getting Rough
 6. Spam
 7. [See Below]
 8. So What'cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
 9. Gratitude (Live)
 10. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
 11. 33% God
 12. Hey Ladies
 13. Beastie Groove
 14. Time for Livin' (Instrumental)
 15. Hold It Now, Hit It (Acapulco)
 16. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)
 17. Sabotage
 18. Stand Together (Live)
 19. Root Down (Free Zone Mix)
 20. Drunken Praying Mantis Style
 21. Egg Man
 22. Cookie Puss
 23. Girls
 24. Sure Shot
 25. Jimmy James (Original Original Version)
 26. Drum Machine
 27. Honky Rink
 28. Netty's Girl
 29. [See Below]
Notes: Track 7 is listed as Commercial Break but is actually the hidden Israeli radio commercial at the end of the Root Down E.P.
Track 9 is listed as M.C. Boo In The House which is actually Gratitude (Live).
Track 29 is listed as The Book of Wonder which is a snippet of a skit done by Richard Pryor.

The exact year of release is unknown, but it was some time around 1996.