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Interview with Xavier

[Conducted in March 2003]

Xavier with Kelly Deal of The Breeders

We haven't heard of too many Spanish Beastie collectors, besides of course for this guy. He's met Adrock and Awol a few times, travelled the world over and is a mad Beastie CD collector. Here's a chat with Xavier...

Let's start with the usual introduction (age, location, etc)

Xavier Garcia
24 years old
From Barcelona (Spain)
Actual Location: Milan (Italy)

You seem to be the most well known Beastie collector from Spain, are there many other Beastie Boys collectors or fans for that matter in Spain?

Not many people know the Beasties in Spain, at least compared to some other countries. I don't really know any other spanish collectors.

You've been moving between Italy and Spain over the past year or so, why is that? And more importantly, which has better record shopping? :)

The company I'm working for proposed me the opportunity to have an international experience in Milan, so I accept it. I should come back to Spain in more or less 1 year and a half, but who knows... I prefer the spanish record stores, but probably because I know them better...

Are there many local resources for getting the latest releases and the older rarer items, or do you reply heavily on the internet?

It is kind of easy to find latest releases but not rare stuff. I would not be able to collect anything from the Beastie Boys without the internet. Basically no local sourcing.

How did you first get into the Beastie Boys?

I first listening to them 8 years ago more or less. As I said before, not many people know the Beasties in Spain so the first time I listened to Beastie records was in the US while I was working in a summer camp as a counsellor.

Why collect? What are your reasons?

Just for the passion I have for this band.

When did you start to collect to actively collect Beastie Boys releases?

After watching the Beasties live in the Doctor Music Festival (Spain 1998). That summer I went to New York for a pair of weeks and then I moved there for half a year so that to finish my degree (I participated in an interchange program).

Why do you only collect CDs? Is vinyl a dead format in your opinion?

Because I thought it would be easier to concentrate in just one format at the begining. Otherwise it would be very difficult to have the amount of cds I have right know. To specialize in something was my objective...
Vinyl is not a dead format at all.

Are you tempted by all the cool colored vinyl issues? Have you considered starting to collect the non-cd releases?

Sure I am! I know one day I will start collecting vinyl.

Is there any item that you really need/want for your collection?

Yes! This one Three MC's & One DJ, Canada 1998 Promo DPRO1801 and the advance copy of Ill Communication (with no artwork).

What is the breakdown on your collection? (How many CDs, Promo, Backstage Passes etc)

Around 100 official cds (promo, acetates, etc.), around 20 backstage passes and some promotional items).

Why the fascination with Backstage Passes?

I consider them as a piece of art in some way, and it also represents each era of the Beastie Boys so, I guess it is something cool to collect.

Do you like to trade or do you prefer to simply buy items that come up?

It does not really matter, depending on the item and of the trade itself. If the trade is fair for both sides, it is always nice to trade though...

Is there a price you would sell your whole collection for if offered?

I do not think I can price it. It is priceless, I see collecting things this way. I would never collect to get a profit from it.

I know you like The Breeders, what other bands/artists do you like? And do you collect any of these?

I don't collect anything but Beastie releases. I'm not really into a lot of bands, I can say that I'm still listening to 1990's music. To name some of the bands I still listen to: Hole, Sonic Youth, the Murmurs, Cibo Matto, BS2000, ATDI, Le Tigre, Pixies, Moby, Morcheeba, Fat boy Slim,...

Any final comments?

Yes, Why am I not the one interviewing you? Your collection is way better than mine!!

If you would like to get in contact with Xavier to make a trade or just for a chat, email him at:

Or visit his website