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Interview with Rob Jay

[ Conducted in February 2006 ]

Bootlegs of bootlegs and uncredited remixes. After seven years the mystery of one of the first Beastie Boys mashup style remixes is revealed (partly). Introducing Rob Jay...

You made the remix that is featured on the 12" Bootleg Single commonly known as "Beastiality", but you had nothing to do with the released record?

Yes I had the original idea and actually produced this piece of music. Absolutely everything was me except the bootleg pressing.

Any idea who started pressing these records up? The insert that came with some copies credits the release to a "Grand Roule" production, obviously combining the Beastie Boys label "Grand Royal" with "Roule Records" which released Alan Braxe's record.

I've no idea who it was who booted it but it came from the USA I think. I had the idea then mixed it in about 1998 or '99 kind of era and pressed up a couple of hundred as a promo thing in the UK to get the ball rolling. Pete Tong was the biggest DJ to support and break the record and it made the 'Essential New Tune' of the week on his leading Radio 1 dance show. The Buzz Chart and Coolcuts Chart (influential charts in the uk) both heavily supported the track, and it quite literally exploded. Demand was huge after several Radio 1 plays.

So Pete Tong was playing your version of the track in his sets?

He was using a copy I sent to him personally. This was when it sounded phat before it got re-bootlegged haha!

What do you think of the actual pressing?

The pressing I made was cut loud and clean. The problem is now its been subsequently bootlegged it was recorded off the original vinyl and re-cut, hence most of the copies and all of the Grande Roule ones, are terrible quality which is a shame. I have the original masters of this, nobody else does. The original recording is clean and crisp and sounds so much better!

How did you first find out that someone had released your track?

I work for a music company in Liverpool, England and was surprised to be offered a 5 or 6 track Beasties bootleg EP which had it credited to Daft Punk for the mix, which it was not!!!!

Does it piss you off that someone has made money off your work, and you haven't received anything for it (including credit!)?

Money wasn't the issue, but the right credits would be nice. I'd like to have hope that one day it might indeed come out, it's still a massive track waiting to happen in the UK. I could easily see it being a Jason Nevins / Run DMC kind of thing here. The problem with it was the other sampled record came from Roule Records in France who are notoriously stubborn to good ideas. Things have changed a lot in dance music over the last several years so it might now be possible.

Did you originally have plans to release this remix yourself properly?

Not as such, only to get it to a few DJ's, let all parties concerned see how big it was, and to hopefully force a release. It must be one of the few records to get an 'Essential New Tune' on Radio 1 and never to get released. I still hold hope somewhere somehow it might come out one day. Contact Brian on this site who will put you in touch with me.

This is one of the earliest 12" Singles with a Beastie remix, that these days would be called a 'mashup'. It uses 'Intergalactic' along with 'Vertigo' (by Alan Braxe), what other samples or sources were used?

Yes it was one of the earliest ones. I also used a lot of other things in the mix, beats etc, but one of the main samples which is obvious is the James Brown vocal one shot before the rap. Now mash ups are happening 10 times a week but very few are groundbreaking or well produced unfortunately. Though they do come around, one of note recently was Mirabeau 'Back From Outta Space' using Gloria Gaynor which was big..... and I also produced!

Most people refer to it as the "Beastie Boys vs Alan Braxe Remix". Did you actually have a title for it when you created it?

Yes I called it beastieALity to add to the controversy !!!

Have you created any other Beastie Boys remixes?

No only this, but I have made many many other house records for various labels over the last 9 years

Anything you would like to say to the people who pressed up the 12"s?

At least if you are going to bootleg my work then bother to get the pressing right! And please if someone from Roule, Grand Royal, or Alan Braxe's managers are reading this then get this track released its a proven winner!