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Some Old Bullshit

It seems like an odd release to bootleg, but the 10" version of Some Old Bullshit now has a fake counterpart. The 10" was originally released in England in 1994 with a "free poster" included with it, which was actually just a 10" gatefold insert that had images from the standard cd booklet. This 'poster' and the sticker on the front advertising it have not been included with the bootleg which is the obvious giveaway when determing what you are looking at is the original or fake.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

Sleeve - Original Sleeve - Bootleg

The Sleeve Differences:

  • The overall white color on the sleeve is more bright than the original which is a more dingy white.
  • The black text on the back sleeve is washed out.
  • The catalogue number on the spine reads GR003 which is not what the original reads. This number is actually the Canadian 12" version catalogue number.
  • The "Free Poster" sticker has been removed from the bootleg and no poster is included.

The Vinyl Differences:

  • The bootleg uses cheap color copies of the label which turned out orange compared to the deep red color of the original labels.
  • Original Etchings: "EST+2225+A" "ORLAKE" and "EST+2225+B" "ORLAKE"
  • Bootleg Etchings: "GR03-A1" and "GR03-B1"
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