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She's On It

2002 seems to be the year for Beastie Bootlegs with even more surfacing recently. This one attempts to disguise itself as an original version of the english pressed She's On It 12". The picture sleeve has not been reproduced, which should make it easy to spot, but there are also a number of differences that can be seen when comparing the two versions side by side.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

Vinyl Label - Original Vinyl Label - Bootleg

The Differences:

  • The most obvious difference is the fact that the original version came in a picture sleeve while the bootleg comes in a black die-cut sleeve.
  • The etchings on the run out groove of the original have "650114-6-A1" crossed out and above it stamped "BEAST.T.2.A1". The bootleg has "BEAST T2-A" only, and this is not stamped in.

The Vinyl Label Differences:

  • A thicker but shorter font has been used on the bootleg for printing "BEAST T2", "A Side", "BEASTIE BOYS" and "SHE'S ON IT".
  • The CBS logos next to each title of CBS around the perimeter of the label have no real detail to them in the bootleg and are also missing their square surrounding box.
  • The circles separating the CBS titles are larger on the bootleg and often look misplaced next to the CBS logos.
  • The bottom of the original label has the CBS Logo and (P) symbol looking very different to the bootleg, which has them much larger than on the original.
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