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Shadrach (An Evening At Home With Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego) 12"

So far there have been 3 known bootlegs of the Shadrach 12". The first came out sometime in the late 1990's and is suspected of originating from England. It is housed in a black die-cut sleeve with a black & white printed piece of paper attached to the front. The vinyl labels are plain white and the etchings on the run out groove are "SMA-001" ("Shadrach" "Meshach" "Abednego" assumedly) as well as "Ba 256".

The second Bootleg was first spotted by collectors in 2002. This time around, it came in a full color sleeve and color vinyl labels. The etchings again contained the letters "SMA" within "SMA-046" and the marking for side 2 has a "A" crossed out and replaced with the correct "B". The Beastie Boys are not actually mentioned on the front of the sleeve, and on the back, only in a smaller font. The terms "Promo EP" and "Unreleased Dust Brothers Remixes" are used on the back sleeve to grab the attention of the unsuspecting buyer. However, this is not a promo and the mixes are exactly the same as the original (authentic) release.

In 2007 another bootleg appeared which mimicked the original sleeve.

Front Sleeve - Original Back Sleeve - Original Vinyl Label - Original
1st Bootleg:
Front Sleeve - 1st Bootleg Back Sleeve - 1st Bootleg Vinyl Label - 1st Bootleg
2nd Bootleg:
Front Sleeve - 2nd Bootleg Back Sleeve - 2nd Bootleg Vinyl Label - 2nd Bootleg
2007 Bootleg:
Front Sleeve - 2007 Bootleg Back Sleeve - 2007 Bootleg Vinyl Label - 2007 Bootleg

The 2007 Bootleg Sleeve Differences:

  • The red bar across the front sleeve looks a lot more orange in the bootleg version
  • "Printed in USA" has been removed from the back sleeve
  • Squares printed in the paragraph of text at the top of the back sleeve do not appear in the middle of the text (vertically), they are higher
  • The numbers in the colour bar have a shadow effect which was not present in the original sleeve

The 2007 Bootleg Vinyl Differences:

  • The bootleg uses a font colour which is a lot lighter than the original
  • Original Etchings: "V-1 - 155Z3-Z1" "1-1" and "V-2 - 15523-Z1" "1-1"
  • Bootleg Etchings: "V 15523A" and "V 15523 B"
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