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Scientists Of Sound
Another great reproduction. This bootleg has gone to the trouble of including a sticker on the front sleeve like the original, but (luckily) has missed some important points.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

The Differences:

  • Original copies were shrinkwrapped in a loose cellophane wrapping, though obviously this will not be present on a lot of copies now.
  • Both copies have a sticker on the front sleeve but the font size differs slightly. The original version has all three lines of text lined up on both sides, while the bootleg has the second and third lines shorter than the first.
  • The back of the original sleeve is die-cut (has a circle cut into it) so you can see the vinyl inside. The bootleg does have the same back logo but is not die-cut.

The Vinyl Label Differences:

  • The A-Side of the bootleg states "Beastie Boys" "Scientists Of Sound" and "Vol 1" all on seperate lines while the original has "Beastie Boys Blow Up Factor Vol 1" and "Scientists Of Sound" over two lines.
  • The B-Side of the bootleg has the Grand Royal logo and "The Blow Up Factor" while the original only has the logo.
  • The runout groove of the bootleg has "GR071 A" and "GR071 B" only. The original has a LOT more text (including the original catalogue number GR063 crossed out).
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