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Root Down

As we have never seen a legitimate Italian copy of the Root Down 12", its nearly impossible to describe the differences, so the following lists major differences to the UK version which we imagine would be similar to an Italian pressing.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

Vinyl Label - Original Vinyl Label - Bootleg

The Differences:

  • The Root Down text on the front of the original is crisp while on the bootleg is it slightly fuzzy.
  • The Grand Royal logo text and dice on the back are filled white on the original and left black on the bootleg.
  • The image of the band playing basketball is shockingly reproduced on the bootleg it is very blury with little detail.

The Vinyl Label Differences:

  • Again, the text is not crisp on the bootleg (especially with the smaller text and logos).
  • There is a spelling error on the B-Side. It has "coping" instead of "copying" (as well as some minor grammatical errors).
  • The runout groove etchings of the original has stamped information while the bootleg has all hand-etchings.
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