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Although this next 12" Bootleg is easy to spot when in it's intended sleeve, but when removed it looks very similar to the original. So to make sure you don't get stuck with a bootleg in another sleeve, check the differences below.

The original is a Promo pressed in the US in 1998. The bootleg was pressed in England in 2004.

The differences:

  • The obvious difference is the sleeve. The original comes in a plain white sleeve. The bootleg features a 'Grand Royal' die cut sleeve (although this design was never officially used by Grand Royal and has only ever appeared on bootlegs).
  • The etchings on the runout groove of the original have "SPRO-12872-A" along with the stamped "MASTERDISK". The bootleg has "708761287219 A" only.
  • The vinyl labels are identical at first glance. The only difference is the bootleg label has a "photocopied" appearance. Meaning it does not have a crisp appearance like the original.
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