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Hey Ladies

The job on this bootleg is really well done. This is a fake version of the 1998 release of Hey Ladies that came out on Grand Royal (not the 1989 version on Capitol Records). It comes in a full reproduction sleeve.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

Original Bootleg

The Differences:

  • The sticker that came with the original version was attached to the shrinkwrap and not the sleeve itself, so it is quite possible that the sticker will not be present, even on an original copy.
  • The circle on the front sleeve is cut off at the top of the bootleg but is complete in the original.
  • The "1/3" next to RPM under the Beastie Boys logo on the back of the original is the same height of the "33" next to it while on the bootleg it is half the size.
  • The Grand Royal logo on the back is quite blury on the bootleg.
  • The copyright line of text on the back is found across the bottom edge on the bootleg but is 1cm front the edge on the original.

The Vinyl Label Differences:

  • The blue ink used on the bootleg is washed out in comparison to the original.
  • The following etchings are found in the the runout groove of the original: "MASTERED BY CAPITOL" (stamped), "Dave", "F-1", "2429.1(3)" and "GR064-A" and "GR064-B".
  • The etchings for the bootleg are: "GR 064 A2" and "GR 064 B2".
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