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Frozen Metal Head

I suppose it was only a matter of time before "Frozen Metal Head" was bootleged as it was only released on vinyl in the UK. The fact that it came out on funky white vinyl always helps collectability as well.

When I heard this was being bootlegged I immediately thought it was going to be produced on black vinyl, but no - the makers have gone the whole distance with this one and it appears on white vinyl again (though with some small differences you can read below).

As a side note, the original copy on black vinyl is a LOT rarer than both the original and bootleg versions on white vinyl.

The Original:

The Bootleg:

Vinyl Label - Original Vinyl Label - Bootleg

The Differences:

  • As with the 'Shes On It' bootleg 12", the most obvious difference is the fact that the original version came in a picture sleeve while the bootleg comes in a plain die-cut sleeve.
  • The etchings on the runout groove of the original have "12+CLS+665+A" and "ORLAKE". The bootleg has the same catalogue number etched in, but is missing the small cross (+) symbols between the sections. It is also missing "ORLAKE".
  • The vinyl is white for both cases, but the original is not as pure as the bootleg. It has small flecks of darkness through it. The bootleg is a solid white throughout.

The Vinyl Label Differences:

  • The writing going around the border of the label is quite close to the edge of the original while the bootleg has a border of approximately 7mm (0.25") and the text is printed after this.
  • The font used on this bootleg is one of the closest matching so far with it being very hard to tell unless comparing it directly with the original. The font for "BEASTIE BOYS" and "FROZEN METAL HEAD" is slightly larger on the original.
  • Due to the slight difference in font size, the diameter mark of the first ring going out from the centre hole goes through the letters "Z" and "E" in the original and "O/Z" and "A" of the bootleg.
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