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Bootlegs II - Country Mike's Greatest Hits

"Country Mike's Greatest Hits for $30! Oh my god!" This was my first reaction to seeing an auction on ebay a few weeks ago. Needless to say I snapped it up quick with the trusty old "Buy It Now" feature. I was rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of finally picking up a copy of this super rare 12" that usually changed hands for over $150 on the rare occasion that it popped up.

Things started to get a little more suspicious days later when another one or two were seen online. It was pretty obvious by now that someone had decided to make a bit of extra cash for themselves and press some bootleg copies up. The usual online hiphop outlets are selling them at the moment of writing this article (August 2002) for between US$15-30.

So for those of us that want the real deal and not a bootleg, here's a list of differences to look out for:

The Original:

Front Sleeve - Original Back Sleeve - Original Vinyl Label - Original

The Bootleg:

Front Sleeve - Bootleg Back Sleeve - Bootleg Vinyl Label - Bootleg

The Differences:

  • The original has a 1/4 inch white border around all four sides of the front picture sleeve, while the bootleg has no border. The bootleg's front image extends to the edge causing the picture and text to be slightly larger than the original.
  • The bootleg image has a slight yellow tint to it when compared to the original.
  • The spine of the original reads "Country Mike's Greatest Hits The Round-Up Factor/ Grand Royal" and this is not present on the bootleg. The back cover of the original also has a scripted font saying "The Round-Up Factor" written across the bottom, which again has been removed on the bootleg.
  • A Grand Royal logo present on the back sleeve has also been taken off.
  • The vinyl-labels are vastly different with the original having full color images and text where as the bootlegs simply have black text printed on plain white labels.
  • The catalogue number for the bootleg is "CN 005". For the original it is "CM-001".
  • The etchings in the runout groove of the original Side-A are: "CM-001-A-4", "READIN' YOU THE NEWS" and "L-52482". Side B has "CM-001-B" and "L-52482X". The bootleg simply has "CN 005 A" and "CN 005 B1".
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