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Bootlegs V - BS 2000

Officially this came out in only 2x formats. An original black vinyl LP and a re-released pink vinyl LP. Both of these come in the same sleeve and with the same insert and so it is impossible to tell which version you have if it is sealed. However with the release in 2003 of a Bootleg LP, it is possible to tell if you have this or an original without opening that still sealed record (although it does help to open it).

The Original:

Front Sleeve - Original Back Sleeve - Original Front Insert - Original Back Insert - Original

The Bootleg:

Front Sleeve - Bootleg Back Sleeve - Bootleg Front Insert - Bootleg Back Insert - Bootleg

The Differences:

  • The Back Sleeve of the bootleg is darker when compared with an original side by side.
  • The image of the boy on the back appears patchy, and the Grand Royal logo is also blurry on the bootleg.
  • A larger, different font was used on the Sleeve Spine of the original. The length of the text for "BS 2000" is 2.2cm in the bootleg and 2.9cm for the real version.
  • If the copy you are inspecting is not still sealed, check the insert. The original insert opens on top while the bootleg opens on the side.
  • The Insert of the bootleg is also redder in color.
  • The etchings in the run-out groove on Side-A of the original are "GR046-A-RE-1", "G1", "RM", "MASTERED BY CAPITOL" and "1523.1(3)". The bootleg simply has "AE 49503/A".
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