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Happy 1st Birthday!

Over the last two years has grown quite a bit. So as the site celebrates its birthday, we would like to reflect back to its humble beginnings and also look ahead to all that we have yet to accomplish.

When I started the site back in the summer of 2001, it was out of frustration. I was frustrated with the fact that there were so many knowledgeable people within the online Beastie Boys fan community, but everyone was doing their own thing. For example, there were people who passionately collected concert recordings and there were people who collected vinyl records with every bit as much passion. Yet, neither group had a place (website) to go and see where they were at with their collection. As a concert recording collector, I always wondered just how many shows the Beastie Boys had put on over the years. It wasn't until Kristine and I began working on a very early draft of what later became's gigography, that it became apparent to me just how important it was to compile this information for fans past, present, and future.

The same can be said for the site's discography. People like AstroBBoy, BeastieNut, Bettadays, and Xavier have created a resource that blows me away every time I visit the discography. At first, only recordings by the Beastie Boys were listed. Now the discography has fanned out to include Money Mark, Mix Master Mike, Big Fat Love, D.F.L., The Young and the Useless, and Luscious Jackson. Every time I see an unusual official release on eBay, I immediately pull up the discography to learn a little more about it. I have very little to do with the discography, so it is an area of the that I am always able to learn something from.

As you are probably well aware of the official site still has not really updated itself in years. However, we do have them to thank for the first new Beastie Boys song since 1999. Right away after the track premiered Kristine and the Song Spotlight crew at were up and working on an entry for that section of the site. It has been by far and away the most exciting addition to the site in the past year. Legends like Dave Parsons and Eric Bobo have contributed exclusive content and touching memories to us here at for use in these entries. Before the end of the year we hope to add spotlights for the Young and the Useless' Real Men Don't Floss EP.

If you're like me you probably spend more time listening to music on your computer than you do on your home stereo system. Thanks to our very own David, many people have been able to enjoy their favorite mp3s with one of his Beastie Boys themed Winamp skins. His work is evident on every single page within the, and without him it would all look pretty boring.

Thanks also to AstroBBoy and Raul for setting up the initial relaunch of the site when it came to the coding and creation of the site database as well as continually working behind the scenes entering data and creating new pages.

We are really proud of the interviews we have had the privilege to conduct with the likes of Dave "Day-Z Daze" Parsons, B-Real, Eric Bobo, Peanut Butter Wolf, Egon, T.M.S 1 and we hope to bring more interviews of this level in the coming year.

There are so many people who have lent their time and expertise to the site over the last twelve months that to mention them would be a great endeavor. I feel like I really should praise ProfD for his remix piece though. I also should thank the Captain, Bosco, Adam Trese, Nick Cooper, & Adam Dubin for helping me piece together a great deal of the band's early history.

The emails in support of the site have been overwhelming and we for anyone who hasn't emailed - drop us a line and tell us what you want to see in the site.

Let's hope 2003-4 is as successful...

9th Beastie on behalf of the Beastiemania Staff.