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Alfredo Ortiz

Alfredo Ortiz


Pearl Drums Artist - Alfredo Ortiz


The cliché "the hardest working man in show biz" has really been overused, but perhaps it is the best way to describe Alfredo Ortiz. Most people who have seen the Beastie Boys 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert set either on video or in person will recall that Alfredo played percussion. Plus in 1998, Alfredo played percussion on stage every night during the Hello Nasty world tour. This was the duty previously held by Eric Bobo. Yet, Alfredo's involvement with the the Beastie Boys goes beyond these concert appearances.

In 1995 Alfredo played with Money Mark when his services were required. As recent as the summer 2001 Change Is Coming tour, Alfredo was spotted playing the drums for Money Mark. In addition to that tour in 2001, he went out on the road with Adam Horovitz and AWOL for the BS 2000 Simply Mortified tour.

When he isn't working for some element of the Beastie Boys, Alfredo plays in a band called Los Villains. Their brand of southern punk is showcased in their jaw dropping album Punk Rock Pow Wow. Los Villains (comprised of Vincent Hidalgo, Alfredo Ortiz, Dave Hidalgo, Louie Perez III, Billy Harrigan, and Athony Todaro) are based out of Los Angeles and play gigs in the area on a regular basis. Hungry for some Hardcore...Buy the Album! The cd is only $8.00!

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