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TV Appearance Info:

Date: 1983
Show: Livewire
Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Promoting: Cookie Puss
Language: English
Features: AdRock


Not technically Beastie Boys footage this is a funny insight into the band promoting themselves.
Afrika Bambaataa and Jazzy Jay are being interviewed on Livewire about scratching. Host Fred Newman goes into the audience so they can ask questions. Up pops a very young Adrock...

Adrock: "I was just wondering, there's this song thaI really like called Cookie Puss by the Beastie Boys and I was wondering if you've ever heard of it?"
Bambaataa: "Yes I have Cookie Puss. I've gotten the record through the rock pools. It's tough"
Adrock: "Ok"
Host: "You like that one? Why do you like that one?"
Adrock: "It's just a really funny song, I heard it on the radio"
Host: "It's got scratching and work on it? Like that?"
Bambaataa: "Yeah. A little bit of scratching on it. And it's funky."

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