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Production Credits:

The Vibes Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Sure Shot 1994
Written by: Beastie Boys & Mark Nishita
Performed by: Beastie Boys
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato, engineered by Mario Caldato. Recorded at G-Son Studios, Atwater Village CA and Tin Pan Alley, New York, NY. Sequenced at Bundy's Playhouse, mastered at Futuredisc by Tom Baker.

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • "Johnny Ryall" by Beastie Boys from the album Paul's Boutique (1989)
  • "Timebomb" by Public Enemy from the album Yo! Bum Rush the Show (1987)


  • Kick Out the Jams - song by MC5
  • Les McCann (1935- ) - a jazz vocalist and pianist; also referenced in "Alright Hear This"
  • Yosemite Sam - Bugs Bunny's nemesis
  • Philippe Petit - tightwire artist who walked between the World Trade Center Towers in New York City in 1974
  • The Rappin' Duke - Shawn Brown, a John Wayne soundalike who recorded and released one hit song in the 1980's called "Rappin' Duke"
  • The Captain - Sean "The Captain" Carasov, former Beastie Boys' road/tour/personal manager who went on to work A&R for Jive Records
  • Jive - a record label home to contemporary pop, R&B, hip-hop, and rock artists
  • Matt - Matthew Horovitz, Adam Horovitz's brother
  • Rock Master Scott - 1980's old school hip-hop artist who recorded "The Roof Is on Fire"
  • Boomin' grannies - Beastie Boys song "Boomin Granny" from Jimmy James 12" (1992)
  • Babalu - a 1933 song by Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz
  • I Love Lucy - a television show (1951-1957), starring Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz
  • Skipper - Skipper of the S.S. Minnow on television's Gilligan's Island, portrayed by Alan Hale, Jr.
  • Fantasy Island - a late 70's television show, starring Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize
  • Captain Shtupping - Captain Stubing was the ship's captain on the 70's television show The Love Boat
  • Bubble Gum and the Ninth Creation - Ninth Creation's 1975 song "Bubble Gum"

Sample & Reference Breakdown

  • "Bird is the word and you're light as a feather" - a sample from "Johnny Ryall"
  • "Giving it to grandma, making her crazy" - a sample from "Timebomb" by Public Enemy

Released Versions:

The Vibes
The Vibes (Version 2)


No Known Performances in Concert.
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