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Production Credits:

Super Disco Breakin' Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Hello Nasty LP, 14 July 1998
Written by: Beastie Boys
Performed by: Beastie Boys
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato. Engineered by Mario Caldato. Recorded at G-Son Studios (Los Angeles, CA), The Dungeon (New York, NY), The Tree House (New York, NY), Ted Diamond's House of Hits (New York, NY), Soho Music Studios (New York, NY), Dessau Studios (New York, NY), RPM Studios (New York, NY). Second engineers: Steve Revitte and Sue Dyer at RPM Studios, mixed at RPM Studios (New York, NY). Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Andy van Dette at Masterdisk (New York, NY)

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • "Sucker MC's" by Run-DMC from the album Run-DMC (1984)
  • Busy Bee speaking


  • 808 - Roland 808 drum machine
  • Money-Makin' - Beastie Boys nickname for Manhattan; in addition to this song, Beastie Boys refer to Manhattan as "Money-Makin'" in "Root Down," "Unite," and "The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine
  • Manhattan - a borough of New York City
  • Pannenkoeken - Dutch word for "pancake"
  • "Funky Boss" - a song from Check Your Head

Sample & Reference Breakdown

  • "Well, it's fifty cups of coffee and you know it's on!" - Adam Horovitz is a serious coffee drinker
  • "I rock the mic so viciously" - lyrics are similar to those in "M.C. Battle" by Busy Bee ("I rock the house so viciously/All the girls are talkin' bout Busy Bee")
  • "And if I got a new rhyme I just say it" - a sample from "Sucker MC's" by Run-DMC
  • "Is Manhattan in the house?" - a sample of Busy Bee, recorded at a 1982 party celebrating New Year's Eve


Beastie Boys

Adam Horovitz is a man who likes his coffee: "Just straight-up coffee, with cream or milk or whatever and sugar. I just need coffee fast. I don't want to wait around." - Adam Horovitz, August 1998

"'Money-Makin' is just a synonym for Manhattan, which is why we say 'Manhattan' right after" - Adam Yauch in August 1998, insisting that the song is not about accumulating personal wealth


"...sounds like Gary Numan getting busy" - Entertainment Weekly, 1998

"...opens [Hello Nasty], a track for the old-school heads, fans who waited four years to hear the Beasties' hot-potato lyric trading. It's a rap style that faded soon after Jordache jeans and Kangol caps vanished from wardrobes, but it works within deliberately retro tracks such as this one" - Boston Globe, July 1998

"'Disco' introduces a drum line that could put even the best Dust Brothers sample to shame" - Creative Loafing, August 29, 1998


Released Versions:

Super Disco Breakin'
Super Disco Breakin' (Acapella)
Super Disco Breakin' (Instrumental)
Super Disco Breakin' (Live)


Performed in 148 known Concerts.

First known Performance:
10-Jun-1998 : Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Last known Performance:
12-Jun-2009 : Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, United States

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