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Production Credits:

Stand Together Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Check Your Head LP, 21 April 1992
Written by: Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato
Performed by: Beastie Boys
Production Notes: Engineered by Mario Caldato, produced by Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato. Recorded and mixed at G-Son Studios, Atwater Village, CA. Sequenced at PCP Labs. Stand Together (Live at French's Tavern, Sydney, Australia) remixed by DJ Hurricane.

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • "Slivadiv" by Back Door from the album Back Door (1973)
  • "Be Black Baby" by Grady Tate from the single "Be Black Baby"


Beastie Boys and Associates

"...another one where just me and Yauch did the whole thing. I did the beat and helped with some of the music, and he played the guitar on it. And then he did the lyrics, and that's just him. And he said, 'I'm just doing the lyrics on this one.' So they [Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz] go, 'Okay.' So they just do the chorus, they go 'stand together, stand together,' that's all that they do. But it's just Yauch on the whole song." - Mario Caldato, excerpted from The Skills to Pay the Bills by Alan Light, 2005


Released Versions:

Stand Together
Stand Together (Instrumental)
Stand Together (Live)


Performed in 73 known Concerts.

First known Performance:
17-May-1992 : Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, United States

Last known Performance:
07-Jun-2003 : Giants Stadium, New York, NY, United States

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