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Production Credits:

Soba Violence Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Aglio e Olio EP, 13 November 1995
Written by: Beastie Boys & Amery Smith
Performed by: Beastie Boys & Amery Smith
Production Notes: Engineered by Mario Caldato, recorded in New York, September 1995

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • Soba noodles - Japanese buckwheat noodles served with a soy dipping sauce
  • Yen - monetary unit of Japan
  • Yoshimi - member of The Boredoms


Beastie Boys

"We were on tour in Japan. In no mood to spend too much effort seeking out something to eat, we (Mark Nishita, Yoshimi of The Boredoms and her boyfriend Brian) settled for the great Japanese fast food: soba noodles. There are these little spots all over Japan, where you just pick from different types of soba. The cheaper, smaller spots don't even have a cashier, just a machine that you by a ticket from. After procuring tickets with Brian and Yoshimi's help, Mark and I sat down to enjoy our hot noodles. Suddenly, this dude looking straight out of the Eddie Harris song 'Drunk Man' stumbles in. He manages to get a ticket and then a bowl of noodles. He was really struggling, trying to get to his seat, spilling his noodles everywhere. Mark tried to help my man out, helping him sit down and avoid spilling all his noodles, when all of a sudden, the guy snaps. He slaps Mark right across the face. We're all in shock. Yoshimi comes over and tries to calm the shit down, talking in Japanese. The guy freaks and slaps her. Enough is enough. Brian freaks and bum rushes the guy out the door with his hands around his neck. Then a cop walks by, sees the drunk guy on the sidewalk, and keeps on walking, pre-Giuliani NYC style. So there you have it: Soba Violence" - Mike Diamond, 1999


"While touring behind Hello Nasty, the Beasties regularly busted out hardcore songs by the likes of Agnostic Front, Minor Threat, and Reagan Youth - along with their own take on Billy Joel's "Big Shot." The move came as no surprise to anyone familiar with this EP, on which the B-Boys collaborated with Awol and returned to the hardcore roots documented on Some Old Bullshit. At eight tracks in just over 11 minutes, this hardly qualifies as extended play. There are better hardcore albums out there, and there are better Beastie Boys discs, but fans will still enjoy Aglio E Olio." - Randy Silver,

"...the Beastie Boys return to their hardcore roots, slamming out eight tunes in eleven minutes" - Option, 1996


Released Versions:

Soba Violence
Soba Violence (Live)


Performed in 7 known Concerts.

First known Performance:
23-Jan-1997 : Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia

Last known Performance:
13-May-1999 : Palacisalfa, Rome, Italy

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