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First Appearance: Hello Nasty LP, 14 July 1998
Written by: Beastie Boys/Brooke Williams
Performed by: Beastie Boys and Brooke Williams (guest vocals)
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato. Engineered by Mario Caldato. Recorded at G-Son Studios (Los Angeles, CA), The Dungeon (New York, NY), The Tree House (New York, NY), Ted Diamond's House of Hits (New York, NY), Soho Music Studios (New York, NY), Dessau Studios (New York, NY), RPM Studios (New York, NY). Second engineers: Steve Revitte and Sue Dyer at RPM Studios, mixed at RPM Studios (New York, NY). Mastered by Howie Weinberg and Andy van Dette at Masterdisk (New York, NY)


Beastie Boys

"There are different reasons for different songs. One reason was, that we recorded so many songs, an unbelievable amount of songs, and for some songs we just couldn't come up with lyrics, our minds were blank! So we went and played the songs to [songwriter and guest vocalist Brooke Williams] and asked her if she has any ideas" - Mike Diamond, September 1998

"...completely done at the Dungeon [Beastie Boys' recording studio] and that's Adam Horovitz playing every instrument" - Mario Caldato, 1998


"...gets a female vocal with some horror-movie Theremin-like breaks" - The Worcester Phoenix, 1998


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Picture This


No Known Performances in Concert.
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