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Intergalactic (Original Version)

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First Appearance:1994

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • "Adventures of Super Rhyme" by Jimmy Spicer from the single "Adventures of Super Rhyme (1980)
  • "Uncle Freddie" by The Jerky Boys from the album The Jerky Boys (1993)


  • Great Gazoo - a Flintstones cartoon character and former head-master scientist from the planet Zetox; he was banished to the Stone Age and was found by Fred and Barney after his flying saucer crash-landed in Bedrock
  • Jupiter - the largest planet of the solar system, fifth in order from the sun
  • Uranus - the third largest planet of the solar system and seventh in order from the sun
  • 3-wood - one of the three major types of golf clubs, woods are played for long shots from the tee or fairway
  • Suspended in animation - the slowing of life processes by external means; the way for an individual to reach the end of an interplanetary or interstellar journey; it's also a common device used in science-fiction (like in Star Trek episodes) to transport individuals from one time period to another
  • In the Night Kitchen - a 1970 children's book by Maurice Sendak; it is a surreal, dreamlike story in which a child floats from panel to panel through a mysterious night kitchen where bakers are preparing a cake
  • Milky Way - a luminous band visible across the night sky composed of distant stars; also called the Galaxy
  • Dilithium crystals - a rare mineral substance used to channel energy through the matter and anti-matter warp drive engines of the starship USS Enterprise on the sci-fi series Star Trek; dilithium crystals were also used in power phasers (futuristic weapons) that could stun or disintegrate their targets
  • Lieutenant Uhura - a character from the television series Star Trek (1966-1969); Uhura is the chief communications officer on the Starship Enterprise
  • Dr. Spock - Doctor Spock is Dr. Benjamin Spock (1903-1998), a world-famous pediatrician
  • Jimmy Smith - influential figure in the history of jazz organ
  • Stay Loose - Stay Loose...Jimmy Smith Sings Again, a 1968 organ-jazz album by Jimmy Smith
  • Interzone - a bad 1980s sci-fi movie starring Bruce Abbott and Tegan Clive; also a British science fiction and fantasy magazine published in 1982; also a 1989 science fiction novel by William S. Burroughs, and a setting in his 1959 novel The Naked Lunch
  • Hurricane - DJ Hurricane, the Beastie Boys' DJ
  • Do-doodle - graffiti
  • Scheme - the removal of graffiti is referred to as "graffiti scheme"
  • Bombin'- graffiti art sprayed on public walls when the police aren't looking
  • Shawn Kemp (1969- ) - a professional basketball player in the United States' National Basketball Association; drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in the first round of the 1989 NBA Draft
  • SuperSonics - a National Basketball Association team based in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Battlestars - capital ships from the televisions series Battlestar Galactica
  • G-Son - The Beastie Boys' G-Son studios located in Atwater Village, California
  • Mario - Mario Caldato Jr., Beastie Boys producer
  • Money Mark - "Keyboard Money" Mark Nishita, Beastie Boys keyboardist
  • Bobo - Eric Bobo, Beastie Boys drummer & percussionist
  • Awol - Amery Smith, occasional Beastie Boys drummer and founder of BS2000 with Adam Horovitz

Sample & Reference Breakdown

  • "Well, the spice is the worm and the worm is the spice" - a pivotal line from Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi novel Dune; the novel's hero brings down the Dune empire by stopping the production of the precious spice guarded by giant, monster-like sandworms
  • "I phase motherfuckers when my mic's on stun" - Phasers (an acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification) are the quintessential Star Trek weapons that can stun or kill an enemy
  • "The first man on the moon with the 3-wood teeing" - when walking on the moon on 31 January 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball with an improvised six-iron (a converted soil sampler) that went 2,400 feet, nearly one-half a mile
  • "This is Kissle" - a sample from "Uncle Freddie" by The Jerky Boys; Kissle is the slack-jaw grandpop with a deficient brain
  • "Scratchin' cuts" - a sample from "Marley Marl Scratch" by Marley Marl f/ MC Shan ("To think you can beat him, you must be nuts / Just listen real close to his scratchin' cuts")
  • "Warning! Warning! We have intruders on sector G-7, level 9. Warning!" - similar to the autonomous robot's "warnings" (i.e., "Warning! Warning! Alien spacecraft approaching!") directed at human Will Robinson in the sci-fi television series Lost in Space
  • "Pinch ya buck naked leave ya in the cockpit" - this lyric could have influenced the line "Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock" in the released version of "Intergalactic." The "pinch" refers a defense tactic used by Star Trek's Mr. Spock, which consisted of pinching the victim between the neck and the shoulder to render them helpless
  • "I'm like the cover of Jimmy Smith's 'Stay Loose'" - the cover art of Jimmy Smith's Stay Loose...Jimmy Smith Sings Again features the artist striking overtly wacky and acrobatic poses in a white jumpsuit, helmet, and black boots
  • "So won'tcha beam me up" - "Beam me up, Scotty!" is a catch phrase from the television series Star Trek; it comes from the command Captain Kirk gives his transporter chief, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, when he needs to transport back to the ship (Ironically, Kirk never said the line)
  • "I do doodle on the paper like my name was Scheme" - in an interview scene from the infamous 1982 hip-hop film Wild Style, graffiti artist Scheme argues with his mother "I do doodle, I do doodle..."
  • "Planet Rhymeon is my place of birth" - a sample from "Adventures of Super Rhymes" by Jimmy Spicer ("Yes, I'm Super Rhymes, I'm 22 / I'm gonna be 100 before I'm through / Because no, I didn't come from the planet Earth / Planet Rhymeon is my place of birth")
  • "I fall like Shawn Kemp from the SuperSonics" - possibly a reference to Kemp's "falls" back on to the parquet floors from his outstanding high-flying leaping abilities on the basketball court, or it could be a reference to his "fall" from grace: his weight problems, cocaine and alcohol abuse, or his seven illegitimate children
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