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Production Credits:

Alright Hear This Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Ill Communication LP May 31, 1994
Written by: Beastie Boys/Jonathan Davis
Performed by: Beastie Boys/Jonathan Davis
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys and Mario Caldato, recorded and mixed at G-Son Studios, Atwater Village CA and Tin Pan Alley, New York, NY. Engineered by Mario Caldato and assistant engineer Settly. Sequenced at Bundy's Playhouse, mastered at Futuredisc by Tom Baker. Proceeds from Alright Hear This go to Aboriginal Children's Service, Tibet House and the Office of Tibet

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • Graffiti Rock, a 1984 television show created by Michael Holman
  • "Samba de Amor" by Yusef Lateef from the album Tens Years Hence (1975)


  • Scooby Snack - a dog treat or a hit of acid
  • Sears - one of the world's largest retailers of general merchandise
  • The Gap - a large chain of clothing stores
  • Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (1939- ) - a soul/jazz/funk/rock session drummer
  • Pat Sajak (1946- ) - host of the television game show Wheel of Fortune
  • "The Payback" - a song by James Brown
  • Archie Shepp (1937- ) - a jazz tenor saxophonist
  • "Kick Out the Jams" - a 1969 song by MC5
  • Les McCann (1935- ) - a jazz vocalist and pianist; also referenced in "The Vibes"
  • Bobby Knight (1940- ) - a controversial college basketball coach
  • Broadway - a street that runs through Manhattan into the Bronx
  • Yusef Lateef (1920-2013) - an accomplished jazz-fusion tenor sax soloist
  • Accountant Britt - Britt Pahan, the Beastie Boys accountant

Sample & Reference Breakdown

  • "I spin my fortune on a wheel like Sajak" - Pat Sajak is host of the television game show Wheel of Fortune, in which contestants spin a giant wheel for prizes
  • "So I kick out the jams and tell you who I am" - refers to the song "Kick Out the Jams" by MC5
  • "And I talk to the people like Les McCann" - refers to the song "Talk to the People" by Les McCann



"...the band pays tribute to many of the jazz and funk musicians whose beats and basslines they've sampled and whose music has continued to spur their own creativity onwards" - excerpted from Rhyming & Stealing: A History of the Beastie Boys by Angus Batey, 1998


Released Versions:

Alright Hear This
Alright Hear This (Clean Version)
Alright Hear This (Instrumental)
Alright Hear This (Live)


Performed in 118 known Concerts.

First known Performance:
28-May-1994 : Radio Music Hall, Washington, DC, United States

Last known Performance:
09-Jun-2009 : Rams Head, Baltimore, MD, United States

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