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Numbered Limited Editions Registry

The closest thing a Beastie Boys fan has in regards to an official fan club membership card is owning a copy of one of the few limited editions that have been released.

Fans from around the world are encouraged to register their numbered copy and join the club. To register, email us your details.

Anthology : Sounds Of Science 4LP
The In Sound From Way Out LP (Yellow Vinyl)
Some Live Bullshit 7" (Clear Vinyl Bootleg)
Shake Your Rump 12" (Clear Blue Vinyl Bootleg)
Shake Your Rump 12" (Opaque Blue Vinyl Bootleg)
I'm Down 7" (Colored Vinyl Bootleg)

To The 5 Boroughs Promotional Skateboard
Sasquatch Promotional Figure


Title : The Sounds Of Science

Format : 4LP Boxset

Limited Edition : 6000 Copies

Location : Printed in the first few pages of the included book, or at the end of book.

Number Name City Country
3856 "Big" Dan McCormack Plympton, MA United States
5324 9th Beastie Rapid City, SD United States
2872 Aaron Simmons (Mido) London, Ontario Canada
5829 Adam Higgins Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
2000 Adam Weaver (ScarySquirrel) Grand Rapids, MI United States
1239 Adrian Forde Glasgow Scotland
1786 Alex de Ras (Taco Zip) Utrecht Netherlands
1358 Alexander Jochems Aachen Germany
1937 Andrew Minton Melbourne Australia
3605 Andrew Partridge Wokingham England
3034 Anthony Incorvia Las Vegas, NV United States
4234 Ari-Matti Lappalainen Kajaani Finland
1982 b-grrrlie Stockholm Sweden
4394 Bas Verwoerd Amsterdam Netherlands
5125 Benji Rogers Manhattan, NY United States
1600 Bernd Ostendorf Stadtlohn Germany
5952 bgirlperi Seattle, WA United States
2310 BigFatLove Marietta, GA United States
1496 Bill Wickham Buffalo, New York United States
0317 Blake Sloozberry Vancouver Canada
2079 Bo (b-wonder) Long Beach, CA United States
3911 Brett Edmonds Memphis, TN United States
1680 Bri_dub Dublin Ireland
1506 Cade Arason Winnipeg Canada
4023 Carlos Gustavo Funes Santiago, RM Chile
4779 Chad Polenz Schenectady, NY United States
1306 Chris Garvey Columbus, OH United States
3131 Chris Pace (Wiseguy) Dallas, TX United States
5326 Chris Terry Edmonton, Alberta Canada
4818 Christophe Paris France
3527 Chuck C Portland, ME United States
2051 Ciaran Dwyer Newbridge County Kildare Ireland
1677 Claudia Moutray San Francisco, CA United States
0960 Clint Locock Kent England
4770 Courtney Fathers Livonia, MI United States
4428 D-Boogie Pasadena, CA United States
4722 Dale Fahey Sydney Canada
2568 Daniel Avelar Chicago, IL United States
4155 Daniel Fontaine Rhode Island United States
3163 Darren Wojahn Wisconsin United States
2435 Darryl Bennett Newfoundland Canada
5257 Dave Blevins (facedownfall) Norfolk, VA United States
0863 Dave Winslow Ottawa Canada
3682 David Grant Orilla, Ontario Canada
2787 David Linton London England
1076 David Wood Bozeman, MT United States
5232 Destro Lennox Washington, DC United States
4033 DJ Mantis Los Angeles, CA United States
3311 Documad Minneapolis, MN United States
1000 Dustin H Edmond, OK United States
0997 Dustin Rabin Toronto, Ontario Canada
1298 EricP Mishawaka, IN United States
1108 Evil Design Boston, MA United States
1234 Fred Blom Hultsfred Sweden
0996 Guillaume Normandie France
0000 GZ NUTZ Aspen, CO United States
2807 Jacob Weaver Manhattan, NY United States
3715 Jamie Young Manchester England
1278 Jason Camhi New York, NY United States
5951 Jason Lamb Victoria, BC Canada
3536 Jason Payette Orillia Canada
5276 Jaysen Chambers Chicago, IL United States
1906 Jennygirl Los Angeles, CA United States
0670 Jesse Crail Covington, KY United States
2549 Jim Gaunt Melbourne Australia
2677 Joe Cornelisse Orillia, Ontario Canada
1502 Joe Lyons Detroit, MI United States
5002 Jonas Newcastle Upon Tyne England
Jonas Sudendorf Berlin Germany
1219 Joseph Armour Amagasaki Japan
4488 Josh Mrvos (Beat-C) Brooklyn, NY United States
2455 Juan C. Rivera (djkbron) Cardel, Ver. Mexico
3383 Julian Ross Melbourne Australia
2101 Justin Long Kailua, HI United States
2873 Justin Patrick Bethlehem, PA United States
4117 j_loop Brookfield, CT United States
2134 Karl Teifel Kidlington, Oxfordshire England
0816 Karl Withers Shipston On Stour, Warwickshire England
5689 Katie Brodie St Pete, FL United States
0301 KAV Dublin Ireland
3201 Leaman Crews St. James, MO United States
0557 Leigh McAndrew Bridgend Wales
0540 Luke Yates Beloit, WI United States
2307 Madgreen & Monnaie Mart Nancy France
3502 MadMart Paris France
1897 Mandla "The Manwich" Gobledale & Isaac "Roy The Boy" Brauer Los Angeles, CA United States
1438 Marc Linkenheil Stuttgart Germany
4878 Mark "Accumulator M" Egan Glenbrook Australia
1287 Matt Strike Philadelphia, PA United States
1641 Matthew Kiefer Atlanta, GA United States
5538 Matthew Webster Minneapolis, MN United States
2456 Michael Barrett Nashville, TN United States
2435 Michael Kannard Anaheim, CA United States
3221 Michael Lacerte (DJ Milo Rock) Fullerton, CA United States
3880 Michael Stuhler Toronto Canada
4007 Mike Carter (brooklyndust) Toronto, Ontario Canada
3124 Mike Palamuso Seattle, WA United States
0666 Mimmi Berlin Germany
5771 Nathan Lueptow Port Hueneme, CA United States
3484 Next of Kin Copenhagen Denmark
2896 Nick Celender Pittsburgh, PA United States
0745 No.1*B-girl Boston, MA United States
4605 Nobby Brighton England
2371 Patrik Sheats (TPK) Stockholm Sweden
2169 Paul (Braz) Brasier Wolverhampton England
0360 Paul Bonardelli (Paulb) Vancouver Canada
1684 Peter Fahey Sydney Australia
2623 Peter Roennfeldt Melbourne Australia
3564 Piet Pado Surhuisterveen Netherlands
1852 Pontus "akimi" Dahlstedt Malmö Sweden
0561 prinsype Heerenveen Netherlands
1560 Prof D Pittsburgh, PA United States
1436 Raffo Fiorini Follo, La Spezia Italy
1051 Reilly Shwab (taquitos) Knoxville, TN United States
0624 Reuben Hood St.Charles, IL United States
1753 Richard Surrey England
1642 Ricky Bordeaux France
1036 Riemer ten Brink Groningen Netherlands
0648 Riosuke Tokyo Japan
5738 Rob Heron Sydney Australia
5052 Rob Overbey Manhattan, NY United States
3479 Rober Schuler Las Vegas, NV United States
4188 Roberta Maya Rio de Janeiro Brazil
5361 RobMoney Philadelphia, PA United States
1685 Rom emc Coupvray France
3753 Ron Carter New York, NY United States
4796 Rouven Niederer Haldenstein, Graubunden Switzerland
1300 Rusty Thibodeaux Lake Charles, LA United States
3232 SCBstylee Austin, TX United States
0632 Scott A. Neckel Detroit, MI United States
1789 Scott Nicholson Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
0868 Sébastien Marspich France
2376 Shane Orlando, FL United States
1059 SR Cranks Miami, FL United States
4228 StankAssEddie Carpentersville, IL United States
0620 Steve C Gold Canyon, AZ United States
4445 Stevie Naas Ireland
5058 TAL Jakobstad Finland
3390 Tassilo Bachmann Stuttgart Germany
4233 Tdub Bracknell England
Terry McKinney Clarksville, TN United States
3912 TJ O'Keefe Amston, CT United States
2693 Tomster Tokyo Japan
4124 Tony Mulcahy (ebay: grovemead) London England
3794 Travis Kincher Portland, OR United States
2093 TrueType1 Boston, MA United States
Tyson McMillan Gold Coast Australia
3045 Ultraill (Joe Bullock) Richardson, TX United States
3026 Vish Khanna Guelph, ON Canada
1375 William M Jones Louisville, KY United States
4212 XBSTEGRLX Chicago, IL United States BACK