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24 December 2008
The following record had so much potential! Some of us were extremely excited to read the description when it first appeared: "Live At The A7 Club, NYC, 1982".
Unfortunately it let us down. Despite it's (sub) title, this is actually taken from a show at CBGB's in 1982, which has been made available previously.
Not only is the title misleading, but the track order is wrong and for some reason 'Holy Snappers' has been included twice in a row!?
Although the sleeve is only a piece of folded card, it does use some nice graphics and looks pretty cool, but again we are let down. With a Check Your Head era logo and a Licensed To Ill era photo that features Adrock despite not being in the band when this recording was made, the graphics do not match the period of the gig.

Discography : The Way We Were LP : [7 00017473347] (Bootleg)
24 December 2008
Something to be on look out for is an upcoming 20th Anniversary 24-bit re-mastered version of Paul's Boutique due out on January 27th.
It will be released on standard CD in an 8-panel digipak with a fold-out poster, and also on 180g vinyl.
It will also contain a digital audio download of a bonus 'track-by-track' commentary of the album by the band, discussing the tracks over the music they're talking about.
26 November 2008
The infamous 'New York State Of Mind' mixtape by DJ Green Lantern is back again, this time in double 12" format.
Previous vinyl versions have only ever included snippets from the complete mix that was available on CD, but now you have the chance to pick up the whole thing for your turntable. It had been a while since I listened to this mix and I must say, it's pretty cool.
It comes in the (now classic) Grand Royal bootleg sleeve design, with a sticker on the front which seems to be their new style.

Discography : New York State Of Mind 2LP : UK [GR038LP] (Bootleg)
4 October 2008
Do you need Licensed To Ill in the latest format?
This December, the album will be re-released in Japan on SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players). It doesn't look like there will be any bonus material, but it should come with the usual japanese obi strip.
13 August 2008
Now today's bootleg is definitely worth getting, especially if you like the early Beastie punk stuff. Someone has had the good thought to put out a 12" with all the Pollywog Stew tracks on one side and a live recording on the other.
The live tracks are not new (in age or availability), but as they were only released before on the Ratcage Benefit CD from 2002 which was not widely available, this is a great chance to hear them. This is also the first time this concert has been available on vinyl.
We think Dave/Donna Parsons would have approved of this level of do-it-yourself record production.

Discography : Pollywog Stew 12" : DE [MOTR 21T] (Bootleg)
30 July 2008
Here at Beastiemania we love to see badly done bootlegs. Why? Because when they are done well it makes it hard to tell them from the original legitimate versions.
Fortunately you won't have to worry too much with this shoddy version of Licensed To Ill. The image on the front is extremely blurry using a very low resolution image. The back also features a design not used before on any of the existing Licensed To Ill sleeves.
For those of us who do collect bootlegs though, this is going to be hard to track down as we haven't seen too many copies and the catalogue number is very generic "BB-00".
We are unsure when this was released, but 2008 was the first time we saw it.

Discography : Licensed To Ill 2LP : [BB-00] (Bootleg)
20 July 2008
Technically this came out last year, so yes, we're a 'bit' behind the times here, but honestly when I ordered this CD last week it was the first I had heard of it.
Apparently Money Mark released a new album in 2007 exclusive to Japan called "Stand Up For Your Rice". I'm thinking $Mark needs some better publicity.
It's all instrumental and pretty cool.

Discography : Stand Up For Your Rice CD : JP [TFCK-86820]
12 June 2008
Ten years later and we're STILL getting Intergalactic remixes.
I wish I could be more helpful with a description of these tracks, but my turntable is out of action (sorry). Apparently it has a Vocal mix on one side and a Dub mix on the flip, and all done by Tom Neville.

Discography : Intergalactic 12" : [TN 001] (Bootleg) "Tom Neville Mixes"
26 April 2008
Not technically a new release as it came out last year, but we thought it was worth writing a paragraph about...
Something we have never seen for a Beastie Boys promo release before, personalised CDRs. These were given to media organisations for reviewing purposes. Each copy is numbered on the front and the CDR itself, and the name of the reviewer/company is also listed next to the number.
The number we got hold of was between 100 and 200, but we don't know how many were produced in total. With people's names being added to promotional releases, it might become harder for the collectors out there to find these type of promos.

Discography : The Mix-Up CDR : US (Promo Acetate)
30 March 2008
It's rare to see Luscious Jackson bootlegs but we're assuming thats what this is. An unofficial release that has come out this year from a live concert by Luscious Jackson in 1999.
Recorded as part of the 'Black Sessions' in France, this CD comes in a card sleeve and each one is numbered (with a total of 2500 copies).

Discography : The Black Sessions CD : FR [SANG 024 CD] (Bootleg)
Gigrography : 10th of June, 1999 : Studio 105, Paris France)
16 January 2008
To go with the Paul's Boutique picture disc that came out last year, we got in today a Licensed To Ill version.
As with all picture discs, the sound quality isn't as good, but still they look really cool. Maybe we'll see all the albums released in this format? Now that would make a cool looking collection.

Discography : Licensed To Ill LP : [450062-P] (Bootleg Picture Disc)
Discography : Paul's Boutique LP : [P7917434] (Bootleg Picture Disc)
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