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21 November 2007
We haven't had a bootleg copy of Shadrach released before which tries to pass itself off as the original. Sure we've had boring die-cut sleeves and even brand new artwork, but this is the first one that we know of that has reproduced the original sleeve. They have actually done quite a good job, but for people searching for an orginal copy there are still some things that set it apart.

Discography : Shadrach 12" : [V-15523] (Bootleg)

Collectors Corner : Difference report on the Shadrach 12"
31 October 2007
Didn't we mention that we wanted to see more picture discs recently? Well how about 'Pauls Boutique' on 12" Picture Disc?
Its not official, but it's still really cool. At this stage there doesn't seem to be too many copies floating around, so we suggest picking one up while you can. We're not even sure where they are originating from - possibly Germany, but maybe not.

Discography : Paul's Boutique LP : [P7917434] (Bootleg Picture Disc)
14 October 2007
We mentioned it a while ago, and now we have it. The "Best Of Grand Royal 12's" on CD. The first of the fake Grand Royal releases to be released on CD.
This has the same 12 tracks as the vinyl version but adds 5 bonus tracks for the CD. The funny thing is that Cookie Puss is listed as "Cookin Puss". I've seen it listed as "Cookie Dubb" before, but never "Cookin".

Discography : Best Of Grand Royal 12's CD : UK [GR077CD] (Bootleg)
22 September 2007
A US CDR Acetate was issued for the new album, and we have a copy now. Must say though - it's not very exciting at all. Very plain.
Secondly is the first and most likely to be the only commercial single to be taken from the new album, The Electric Worm 7" from the UK. Nearly identical to the US Promo 7" with basically the same artwork.
This could have been so much better if it was released on orange coloured vinyl, and it would have completely matched the artwork. Oh well.

Discography : The Mix-Up CDR : US (Promo Acetate)
Discography : Electric Worm 7" : UK [CL897 50999 5 06102 7 3]
12 September 2007
A few to report for the completists today.
The infamous 'Rock Hard' EP has been re-released by Def Jam as a part of the Classics range which also included 'Fight For Your Right' back in 2005. These come in stickered 'Def Jam Classics' sleeves.
Next is what could possibly be the final release for the Grand Royal sleeve bootleg series. Titled "Best Of Grand Royal 12's", this double 12" comes in the same sleeve design as all the previous GR bootlegs with an information sticker on the front. It's not a bad selection of tracks, but nothing new.
Lastly is something which actually came out late last year, but we seemed to have missed it until now. It's another bootleg this time using the title of 'The Blow Up Factor Volume 2' (which was officially released by the real Grand Royal back in 1999 for DJ Strictnine and Paranorm). It's a weird mix of album tracks including 'Slow And Low', 'Song For The Man', 'Somethings Got To Give' and a few other standard tracks.

Discography : Rock Hard 12" : EU [9844915] (Reissue)
Discography : Best Of Grand Royal 12's 2x12" : UK [GR077LP] (Bootleg)
Discography : Scientists Of Sound 12" : [GR081] (The Blow Up Factor Vol.2) (Bootleg)
27 June 2007
Back from holidays, so let's start playing catch up with the new album releases...
Firstly we have two samplers for the new album from the UK, one on CD and one on 12". Both have 4 tracks from the album and come with plain sleeves.
Next we have a great new 7" Promo released in the United States. This was given away with purchases of the album from select stores. It features 2 album tracks but has a great picture sleeve.
Then of course, we have all the different versions of the new album. Over the next few weeks we'll include all the different country releases, but for now we have included the European LP and CD and Australian CD.

Discography : The Mix-Up Sampler 12" : UK [MIXUP001] (Promo)
Discography : The Mix-Up Sampler CD5 : UK (Promo)
Discography : The Mix-Up LP : EU [50999 5 00112 1 6]
Discography : The Mix-Up CD : EU [50999 5 00111 2 4]
Discography : The Mix-Up CD : AU [50999 5 00111 2 4]
Discography : Electric Worm 7" : US [7PRO 50999 5 0125371] (Promo)
13 June 2007
More info on that japanese version of The Mix Up - apparently it will feature two extra tracks. One called "Fibonacci Sequence" and the other mysterioulsy titled "Mix Up, The".
And another semi-confirmed rumour - for those of us who were all pondering if a single would be lifted from the album (and most of us doubted it), we heard there will be a 7" released in the UK on the 3rd of September for "Electric Worm". Is this true? We hope so!
30 May 2007
Money Mark's "Pick Up The Pieces" is now out on 7" in Europe. It has a (somewhat disturbing) picture sleeve with artwork totally different to all the other versions of this release.
The B-Side is also exclusive - "Watch Out! (For Sneaky People)".
Everyone should be aware by now of the new Beastie Boys album. At this stage we don't know if the Japanese version will have extra tracks, but it is due out on the 4th of July in digipak format (Catalogue No: TOCP-66697).
Other things to be on the lookout for are the following bootlegs:
  • Best of Grand Royal 2LP and CD
  • Scientists Of Sound Volume 2 12"
  • Some Old Bullshit 2LP
  • Possible Drum Machine and Rock Hard bootlegs
More info on these when we get them in.

Discography : Pick Up The Pieces 7" : EU [1726434]
16 May 2007
Two releases today that we have been slack on including in the Discography.
The first is another Intergalactic 12" Bootleg with a Drum'n'Bass remix on one side and a Breaks remix on the other. The credits are quite weird listing Side-A by 'The First Man On The Moon' and Side-B with 'Zoggy From Planet Zog'. We tried investigating the mysterious mixers but to no avail. Does anyone know anything more about this release?
The second release is a CDR of the Luscious Jackson Greatest Hits album. Nothing too exciting here as the track listing is the same as the commercial release and it comes in a jewel case with only a plain back insert. The album itself though (in promo or commercial format) is worth picking up as some of the tracks are quite scarce.

Discography : Intergalactic 12" : [INTER001] (Bootleg) "DNB & Breaks Mixes"
Discography : Greatest Hits CDR : US (Acetate)
9 May 2007
Why make a bootleg of an album which is easy to get? Paul's Boutique on double vinyl - it's been done before and as a much nicer release with clear graphics and a gatefold sleeve.
Highly original catalogue number too - "BB-001" !?

Discography : Paul's Boutique 2LP : [BB-001] (Bootleg)
2 April 2007
It must feel like christmas for Luscious Jackson fans out there at the moment. Not only is there the Greatest Hits album recently released but Jill Cunniff's solo album ("City Beach") has also come out through The Militia Group label.
The new album has also been released on two different coloured vinyl versions (Pink/Orange and Red/Yellow), each being limited to 500 copies. And if that wasn't enough there is also a new 7" which has a reworking of Ladyfingers as a b-side!
If you buy 'City Beach' from certain retailers you can also pick up a limited lithograph (hand numbered).

We will be updating the Luscious Jackson Discography very soon with the various Side Projects and Solo work (including Jill Cunniff, Kostars and Ladies Who Lunch). Stay tuned.
28 March 2007
Now that we have the Money Mark - Pick Up The Pieces promos out of the way, we have three versions of the new Money Mark album ('Brand New By Tomorrow').
Coming out on Brushfire Records, it's available in the US in a CD digipak or on 12" vinyl.
The album artwork is fantastic, as is the vinyl-label and cd artwork which completes the package.
There are also CDR Acetates going around which have supposedly been watermarked with unique identification codes to trace unauthorised copies and usage.

Discography : Brand New By Tomorrow LP : US [B0008351-01]
Discography : Brand New By Tomorrow CD : US [B0008351-02]
Discography : Brand New By Tomorrow CDR : US (Acetate)
21 March 2007
Third update in a row with a Money Mark - Pick Up The Pieces Promo. This final(?) one is the US version which comes in yet another format - a full jewel case.
Something else for the Money Mark fans is a new 2x track Promo CD which has on it 'Hungry For Love' and 'Love Stains' which were both only available previously on the japanese releases 'Father Demo Square' and 'Love Stains' respectively.
This promo can actaully be picked up as a free bonus when you purchase the new album in some stores.

Discography : Pick Up The Pieces CD5 : US [UNIR 21777-2] (Promo)
Discography : Hungry For Love / Love Stains CD5 : US [UNIR 218162-2] (Promo)
14 March 2007
Another day, another Money Mark promo CD, this time the European Promo CD for "Pick Up The Pieces".
It comes in a slimline jewel case and features different artwork to the Australian version we mentioned a few weeks ago.

Discography : Pick Up The Pieces CD5 : EU [MONEYCD1] (Promo)
28 February 2007
In anticipation of the new Money Mark album ("Brand New By Tomorrow"), promo CDs have been floating around with the track "Pick Up The Pieces".
We have in the Australian version at the moment which simply comes in a plastic sleeve with an information sticker on the back.
Oddly it has no catalogue number.

Discography : Pick Up The Pieces CD5 : AU (Promo)
17 January 2007
The following EP is the 22nd part of a series titled "Classic Re-Edits".
It features 6x standard Beastie tracks (Shake Your Rump, Paul Revere, Brass Monkey, Intergalactic, So What'Cha Want and Get It Together), and comes in a plain die-cut sleeve. Nothing too interesting going on here really except that it lists the BPM next to each track name.
The 21x releases before this record featured other hip-hop artists such as 2Pac, Snoop Doog, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J and Mobb Deep.

Discography : Classic Re-Edits 12" : [CRE-022] (Bootleg)
10 January 2007
A nice little Mix Master Mike 12" bootleg today.
Although not much to look at (a plain die-cut sleeve and simple text labels), this new EP features some hard to get tracks. The a-side is a Beastie Boys medley while the flip side features tracks from the Bangzilla single release - 'Bangzilla (Instrumental)', 'Full Range Earmuff (Instrumental)' and 'Stampeed'.

In other news, 'Awesome: I... Shot That!' is being released in Japan in a few days time. It will apparently be region code 2 single disc, with a catalogue number of "ACBF-10442".

Discography : Cut N Paste 12" : [MIBEA01] (Bootleg)
1 January 2007
A new year and hopfully some more interesting releases.
This one was actually released in 2006 as far as we can tell and it is a bootleg version of the Scientists Of Sound (Blow Up Factor Vol.1) 12". We're still a bit unsure why anyone would bother bootlegging this common release, it's possible that it has something to do with the exclusive tracks on it. As far as bootlegs go, this is a great copy, even including a sticker on the front like the original. We have created a difference report so you can check out which version you have.

Discography : Scientists Of Sound 12" : US [GR071] (The Blow Up Factor Vol.1)
Discography : Scientists Of Sound 12" : [GR071] (The Blow Up Factor Vol.1) (Bootleg)

Collectors Corner : Difference report on the Scientists Of Sound 12"
New Releases for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012
New Releases for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012