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29 November 2006
Wow, it's been a while since we reported on any new releases.
The first one we have today is a new double 12" titled "B-Sides And Bullshit". As the name suggests, this collects various b-sides along with a few other oddities. The inclusion of 'Four Fly Guys' by Hurricane (featuring the Beastie Boys) is nice, but why they added 'Country Delight' by Country Mike I don't know. The track that is worth picking this release up for though is the Erick Sermon remix of 'Body Movin', which was to be included on the Body Movin' single but was never officially released. I know of only one other record this mix came out on which was the hard to find Wu Tang Remixes bootleg.
Onto the new Mix Master Mike release "Live! Beatdown Volume 1". Someone sent in some pics of this release a little while ago and we have been trying to figure it out ever since. They obtained it from the 'Parklife Festival', which was the Australian music festival that Mike played at in September/October 2006. We finally found an interview with Mike where he mentions it. When asked what he was up to, he responded with "I got a new mix CD I'm working on called "Live Beatdown". It's strictly for Australia & NZ...". This is definately a rare release as we have only seen one copy so far.
And finally, January 2007 will see the release of another Japanese Money Mark album, called "Brand New By Tomorrow". No news yet on whether this will come with bonus toys again ;)

Discography : B-Sides & Bullshit (Volume 1) 2LP : EU [BULLP001] (Bootleg)
Discography : Live! Beatdown Volume 1 CDR : AU
23 August 2006
Hmmm, continuing on from the last Discography update - what do you do with old fake Grand Royal sleeves? Well apparently you keep using them with stickers on the front.
We have another release out using the same orange sleeve but with a new sticker. This is a reproduction of the original bootlegged version of the Hello Nasty Show Vinyl #6, but this time the tracks are spread across 2x 12"s. At least this time the sleeve and the vinyl labels are a little bit more interesting.
And speaking of Hello Nasty related bootlegs, there is also a new bootleg for the standard album. This comes in a full sleeve reproduction in a similar way to the recent bootlegs of Check Your Head and Ill Communication, and again, does not come in a gatefold sleeves like the original.

Discography : Hello Nasty 2LP : [GR061] (Bootleg)
Discography : Hello Nasty Instrumentals 2LP : [GR062LP] (Bootleg)
10 August 2006
What do you do when you have a stack of fake Grand Royal sleeves left over from your last bootleg? You put a sticker on the front and make another bootleg!
The latest in the Grand Royal Sleeve series features the orange sleeve with a Kung Fu themed sticker on it, which makes sense as it is ripping off the original Promo CD that was released 12 years ago. They both share the same title ("The Sampler"), catalogue number ("GRAND 1") and contain 9x easily obtainable tracks.
Something a bit more interesting is a new white label bootleg of "All Lifestyles" which is the first one we have seen of this track. Very little information is available about this release as it comes in a plain die-cut sleeve, with blank labels and only a small info sticker stating the title and catalogue number. The shops selling it are calling it the "2006 Breakz Mix" so that's what we are calling it too.

Discography : The Sampler 12" : [GRAND 1] (Bootleg)
Discography : All Lifestyles 12" : [BEAST001] (Bootleg)
4 August 2006
For the Mix Master Mike fans, there is a new release which you might not be aware of. The album is called "Zurich" and is by the 'super group' Praxis. The band consists primarily of Buckethead (of Guns'N'Roses & Primus fame), Brain and Bill Laswell, but feature some special guests. It's these guests where Mix Master Mike comes in. The Invisbl Skratch Piklz appear on the live tracks recorded in Zurich in 1996. The rest of the album takes tracks from a New York appearance in 2000.
Another highlight for turntable fans is the appearance of Grandmixer DXT (who has also worked with Bill Laswell in the past).
26 July 2006
Now that "Awesome... I Shot That" has hit the stores we can finally start adding them into the Discography. At this stage we know there are two versions in the US - the standard version and the one with the bonus disc containing "Never Before Seen Multi Angle Shazam Video With Never Before Heard Remixes From Adrock and Mike D Plus All New Beastie Boys BBQ TV Pilot".
A nice addition to the DVD is the show intros from the last leg of the 2005 Australian tour (Melbourne x2, Adelaide and Perth).
There is only one Australian version (that we know of) and that is a double-disc which features the same material from the US bonus disc. It features different artwork on the back and the discs.

Discography : Awesome: I... Shot That! 2DVD : US [19657 / 20096]
Discography : Awesome: I... Shot That! 2DVD : AU [106209-9 (HOP0161)]
12 July 2006
As we mentioned a few weeks ago, like Check Your Head, Hey Ladies, Root Down etc, Ill Communication has now had the full artwork reproduction bootleg job done on it. We were going to write up a difference report, but on closer inspection it's pretty easy to spot this new version. For a start it is not in a gatefold sleeve and secondly it actually has the track listing printed on the back sleeve.

Discography : Ill Communication 2LP : [GR006] (Bootleg)
5 July 2006
We had to create a new title in the Discography Area for this 12" as it's the first release we have seen for 'We Got The'.
This one-sided 12" comes in a plain die-cut sleeve and contains one track - "We Got The (Slok Vs Beastie Boys Edit)".

And on those Money Mark (MoWax) reissues, the date seems to have been put back to September 4th now.

Discography : We Got The 12" : [BBOYS001] (Bootleg) "Slok Vs Beastie Boys"
14 June 2006
Two new bootlegs today. Both are fake reproductions with full colour sleeves. The first is Hey Ladies which is imitating the 1998 reissued version (not the 1989 original) and the second is a copy of Root Down. This Root Down 12" is a copy of an Italian pressing, but the thing is we here at Beastiemania have never actually seen an Italian copy of this record before so it's a bit hard to compare. We assume they copied it from a legitimate copy so we assume a real Italian version does exist out there somewhere. If any readers have a copy - please let us know.
Something else we should mention is that July 25th will see the release of "Awesome, I (Fuckin') Shot That" on DVD.

Discography : Hey Ladies 12" : [GR064] (Bootleg)
Discography : Root Down 12" : [7243 8 33603 2 1] (Bootleg)

Collectors Corner : Difference report on the Hey Ladies 12"
Collectors Corner : Difference report on the Root Down 12"
26 May 2006
On the 26th of June, Universal will be re-issuing some "Mo Wax Classics". 21 Singles and 9 albums will be re-released and in that lot will be the following from Money Mark: Hand In Your Head 12", Mark's Keyboard Repair CD, and Push The Button CD.
The albums will apparently contain bonus material including rare mixes, though the final track listings have not been confirmed yet.

Original Versions:
Discography : Hand In Your Head 12" : UK [MW066]
Discography : Mark's Keyboard Repair CD : UK [MW034CD]
Discography : Push The Button CD : UK [MW090CDS] (Limited Edition)
6 May 2006
Another 12" to add to your (fake) Grand Royal sleeve collection. This time it's 'Alive' (sounds like a horror movie), and it comes in a red/orange sleeve. The tracks and the catalogue number have been directly lifted from the UK 10" that was released for Alive back in 1999. The funny thing is that they are using "10CL 818" where the "10" at the start is used to identify the record as a 10" but this bootleg is a 12"!?
The other new bootleg out at the moment is a new version of 'Check Your Head'. Like the official versions this is a double LP, but it does not come in a gatefold sleeve. The artwork used is quite washed out, especially the back sleeve.
We have also heard rumours that 'Ill Communication' and possibly 'Hello Nasty' have also been bootlegged.

Discography : Alive 12" : UK [7243 8 88075 6 2 (10CL 818)] (Bootleg)
Discography : Grand Royal Sleeve Series
Discography : Check Your Head 2LP : [GR 066 (EST2171)] (Bootleg)
1 May 2006
A few weeks ago, selected stores were sent out advance copies of the new DVD "Awesome: I...Shot That!". These promo copies do not contain the added bonus material that the final version promises, but they do contain the full concert/movie.
The back sleeve also states that the artwork is not final, and although it's unlikely that there will be a major difference, there might be some smaller changes made for the commercially available product.

Discography : Awesome: I... Shot That! DVD : US [TF-54775] (Promo)
24 April 2006
'An Open Letter To NYC' is a single that hasn't had many bootleg mixes; there was the 'Cut Chemist' mixes and the 'Rub N Tug' mix.
The 12" today features the 'Rub N Tug Macho Mix' again as well as an instrumental version which wasn't included on the original 12". It comes in a plain die-cut sleeve and is a good way to pick up the remixes as the first 12" was fairly limited and hard to come by.

Discography : An Open Letter To NYC 12" : [RNT01A/B] (Bootleg) "Rub N Tug's Macho Mix" (original version)
Discography : An Open Letter To NYC 12" : [NYC001] (Bootleg) "Rub N Tug's Macho Mix"
9 April 2006
We are going through a major quiet period at the moment for Beastie Boys releases - both legit and unofficial.
Today's release came out earlier this year and is a variation on another CD that came out in 2004. It's the DJ Green Lantern mixtape titled "New York State Of Mind" and this time around it comes in a full jewel case (unlike the previous slimline), and the sleeve has a splash of yellow in the design.

Discography : New York State Of Mind CD : US (Bootleg) #1
Discography : New York State Of Mind CD : US [CDGLBBSE] (Bootleg) #2
18 February 2006
A second 12" in the "Beastie Boys Accapellas" series, this time titled "Even More..." has recently surfaced. 18 tracks mostly collected from 'To The 5 Boroughs' and 'Hello Nasty' along with the exceptions 'Car Thief' and 'Stop That Train'. Although listed on the back, 'Electrify' does not appear on the record. Same deal as last time, basic picture sleeve with blank vinyl labels.

Discography : Even More Beastie Boys Accapellas 12" : US [BEASTV0L2] (Bootleg)
16 January 2006
A new year with new releases - though technically we're reporting on releases from late last year.
If you like the DJ Green Lantern mixes from the 'New York State Of Mind' release from last year but don't want the interludes etc, than this is the EP for you. It's called "Beastie Blends", has 12x tracks and comes in a plain die-cut sleeve.
Next is a 12" Bootleg featuring 'Pearn & Bridges' mixes of Alive. These fast techno versions come in a plain die-cut sleeve as well.

Discography : Beastie Blends 12" : [BBLND01] (Bootleg)
Discography : Alive 12" : [ALIVE 12 01] (Bootleg) "Pearn & Bridges Mixes"
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