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24 December 2004
Some CDRs have come in for the recent Money Mark EP ('Demo? Or Demolition') as well as a new single due out in January 2005. Both of these releases have limited artwork and the CDs are simply CDRs with paper label stickers placed over the top.
The interesting thing about the future single ('Burn Away') is that it will be released on 7" and limited to 1000 copies. The press release also mentions a rumour that Mark's new album might be coming out in 2005.
Something we forgot to mention about the new 12" for 'An Open Letter To NYC' is that both sides are labelled as "33 1/3 RPM" when in fact Side-B plays at "45 RPM".

Discography : Demo? Or Demolition? CDR : UK (Acetate)
Discography : Burn Away CDR : UK [DIFF09] (Acetate)

22 December 2004
We have the UK 12" for 'An Open Letter To NYC' in the Discography today with a great yellow picture sleeve and four tracks. One of the tracks is titled 'MTL Reppin For The 514' which is actually a remix of 'Right Right Now Now' (well it uses the same lyrics anyway).
This track is also featured on a new 7 Track CD EP due out in Japan, along with some album tracks and "Rizzle Rizzle Nizzle Nizzle", "Brrr Stick Em" and a live version of 'Sabotage'.
Two gaps have also been filled today with the European versions for the 'Ch-Check It Out' 12" and 'Triple Trouble' CD5 being added.

Discography : An Open Letter To NYC 12" : UK [7243 8 76695 6 7 (12CL 867)]
Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : EU [7243 5 8924 1 7]
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : EU [7243 8 61709 2 7]

16 December 2004
The Grand Royal Sleeve Bootlegs are back.
This time its a near identical ripoff of the Intergalactic Promo 12" (US) from 1998.
Besides the obvious sleeve change, you can check the differences here.

Discography : Intergalactic 12" : UK [7087 6 12872 1 9] (Bootleg)
Discography : The Grand Royal Sleeve Bootlegs
8 December 2004
Firstly the boring stuff out of the way - there is a European Promo CD5 for Triple Trouble which looks nearly identical to the UK Promo CD5. Same sleeve design, same tracks, different catalogue number.
Now, whether you like Mashups and Fan Remixes or not, they're going to be around for a while, especially with every single these days coming out with the essential Instrumental and Acapella.
Out of Japan has come 3x new 12" Bootlegs packed with non-official remixes. And one of the really interesting things is that some of these remixes were done by a few of the guys that frequent the Beastie Boys messageboard (including DJ Skrilla, Landos Dad, Uru-Nitro, Cheap Cologne etc).
Also, we have another of the old DVD Remixes 12" Bootlegs, this one comes with the usual tracks but also adds a live version of 'Root Down' and also 'Nothing To Say', which was previously only available on the 'Music for Our Mother Earth' Vol.3 compilation.

Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : EU [7087 6 18758 29] (Promo)
Discography : Ch-Check It Out Remixes And More! 12" : JP [HSRBB0041] (Bootleg)
Discography : Triple Trouble Remixes Plus! 12" : JP [HSRBB005-LP] (Bootleg)
Discography : Bastard Busters 12" : JP [HSRBB003-LP] (Bootleg)
Discography : DVD Remixes 12" : JP [AE 50549/50] (Bootleg)
4 December 2004
It looks like this album is going to be like no previous Beastie Boys album in regard to the number of non-official remixes being released on vinyl.
We have another two to add to the collection today. The first is a remix of 'Ch-Check It Out' by the Ginger Joker and the second one is an uncredited 'Triple Trouble' House Remix. Both are one-sided 12"s in die cut sleeves.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : [NEW B3] (Bootleg) "Check Ch Check The Boot"
Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : [BBOY RMX1] (Bootleg)
1 December 2004
The UK Promos for 'An Open Letter To NYC' are out. Both feature the same four versions despite what the sleeves tell you. The Promo CD5 does not contain the "Andy Wallace Mix Radio Edit" as it states, but has the standard album version Radio Edit instead. The other tracks are the usual Album Version, Instrumental and Acapella.
Another interesting 12" Bootleg EP which has come out features tracks taken from the DJ Green Lantern mix tape (New York State Of Mind). It has 'Clean' and 'Dirty' versions of 5x tracks from the mix.

Discography : An Open Letter To NYC 12" : UK [7243 8 16941 6 9 (12CLDJ 867)] (Promo)
Discography : An Open Letter To NYC CD5 : UK [7243 8 16941 2 1 (CDCLDJ 867)] (Promo)
Discography : New York State Of Mind Freestyles 12" : US [AV446] (Bootleg)
26 November 2004
News on the next single - 'An Open Letter To NYC':

As usual, the UK are releasing two CD5 singles and a 12".

CD1: An Open Letter To NYC, MTL Reppin' For The 514
CD2: An Open Letter To NYC, Rizzle Rizzle Nizzle Nizzle, Sabotage (Live), An Open Letter To NYC [Video Clip]
12": An Open Letter To NYC, MTL Reppin' For The 514, An Open Letter To NYC (Instrumental), An Open Letter To NYC (A Cappella)
23 November 2004
The new Mix Master Mike album and single are out and confusingly enough are both titled "Bangzilla". We have UK CDRs for both versions, along with the US 12" single and US CD album.
Besides Promos/Acetates, the single is supposedly only coming out on vinyl and the interesting thing with the UK CDR is that the track listing is slightly different to the 12".

Discography : Bangzilla (Album) CDR : UK (Acetate)
Discography : Bangzilla (Album) CD : US [SCR002-2]
Discography : Bangzilla (Single) CDR : UK (Acetate)
Discography : Bangzilla (Single) 12" : US [SCR003-1] (Acetate)
21 November 2004
A release which has been out for a little while now, but we only just got the images in for is the DVD Remixes CDR. It features the same tracks that came out on the 12"s from 2002 and 2003, which were originally released on the DVD Anthology.
It has very basic artwork and comes in a card sleeve. Copies were given away with purchases from some online record stores.
Something new to keep an eye out for is the UK Promo 12" for "An Open Letter To NYC". Like the previous 12" Promos for this album, is comes in a plain sleeve but with a yellow sticker in the corner.

Discography : DVD Remixes CDR : US (Bootleg Acetate)
18 November 2004
Another Westwood One CD has been released with a Beastie Boys concert on it. This one was recorded at the "MTV2 2 Dollar Concert" in Las Vegas on the 9th of June this year.
The radio show was broadcast on the weeekend of September 11/12, 2004.
The CD itself comes in a card sleeve and includes a cue-sheet so the radio announcers know what's coming up on the disc.

Discography : Westwood One - Live CD : US [#04-37] (Promo)
15 November 2004
Filling some gaps today.
Finally we have the pics in for the Graham Coxon Triple Trouble Remix 12". This looks very similar to the other one-sided Triple Trouble Promo with the J.Wizzle Remix, except this comes with a blue sticker, not a red one.
Also the Australian version of the new album Interview Promo CD is here. It comes with no sleeve at all and features basic disc information.
A promo CD for "An Open Letter To NYC" has been spotted and it is coming out in a card sleeve with more New York artwork similar to the album.

Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : UK [12CLDJWL 859A] (Promo)
Discography : To The 5 Boroughs Interview Disc CD : AU [PR499] (Acetate)
4 November 2004
The Canadian CD5 for Triple Trouble has come in, but nothing too interesting to report with it.
We do have the images now for the 'Franzie Boys' EP and also the 'Beastie Boys vs Peggy Lee' 12" that we mentioned a while ago. The first one has great packaging with a full colour sleeve mimicking Franz Ferdinand's self titled album. The Peggy Lee release is simply a one-sided 12" in a die-cut sleeve.

Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : CA [7243 8 61709 2 7]
Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : UK [ID003] (Bootleg) "Beastie Boys vs Peggy Lee"
Discography : Franzie Boys 12" : UK [HI007] (Bootleg)
2 November 2004
Another one for the collectors out there, a Mexican Promo CD5 for Ch-Check It Out. Two common tracks and the usual artwork, so nothing too exciting.
A mashup style 12" has just come out titled 'Franzie Boys' which features 4x tracks all mixing the Beastie Boys with Franz Ferdinand, and if you like these two bands, the results are actually pretty cool. We will try to bring you some images later this week.
The latest rumour going around is that "An Open Letter To NYC" will be a future single and released as a 12" and two CD5 singles in England.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : MX [200 1648] (Promo)
27 October 2004
An odd Promo "Sampler" CD5 has been released in Korea. It has the artwork for 'To The 5 Boroughs' and you would assume it would have a sample of tracks from the album, but it only features one track from the new album, ('Ch-Check it Out' and even that is a remix version) along with 'In A World Gone Mad' and 'Intergalactic'. Another interesting point is that Intergalactic is listed as the "Fat Boy Slim Remix" when no such remix exists - it is actually the standard album version.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD5 : KR [PACD-0002] (Promo) "Sampler"
22 October 2004
After reporting about the Japanese CDR last week, another rare one has come into our hands. This is again for 'Ch-Check it Out', but time from Greece. It features information on the sleeve promoting the song stating that it is "#1 on MTV; #1 Record at Alternative Radio in Mediabase; #1 Audience at Modern Rock at BDS for the last 3 weeks and #1 in Detections at BDS this week".

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CDR : GR (Acetate)
18 October 2004
It seems that we're not even finished with the Triple Trouble releases and already we have the new single coming out in Promo format.
'Right Right Now Now' has been released in the States on a Promo CD with full picture inserts. As you would have assumed, you get the Clean Version and the Acapella version.

Discography : Right Right Now Now CD5 : US [DPRO 7087 6 18931 2 0] (Promo)
15 October 2004
A strange CDR Acetate for Ch-Check It Out has recently appeared. Strange because it comes from Japan and it's the first CDR Acetate we have seen from there. As far as the tracks go, it's fairly boring and only features the Just Blaze and Clean version. There is also no front or back inserts, so all you have is the disc itself.
We now have the images for the Dutch & Australian Triple Trouble CD singles. Remember that these both have unique remixes and are definately worth tracking down.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CDR : JP [S/N 45370173] (Acetate)
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : NL [7243 867740 2 6 (LC 0148)]
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : AU [7243 8 67744 2 2]
8 October 2004
Sorry, no new items to add to the Discography today, instead some exciting news on the Triple Trouble front.
The Australian version of the cd single which should be released next week will feature an exclusive remix by Dexter (ex-Avalanches).
And the dutch version of the cd single, which is already available will contain an exclusive remix by BrainPower who does some dutch rapping during the track.
This is all good news considering with 'Ch-Check it Out' everyone got the same remixes in every country.
4 October 2004
The European 12" for Triple Trouble is out and is nearly identical to the English version. Besides the different catalogue number, there are some minor sleeve differences. The European one has 12" Single printed on the front and features different company logos on the back.
Money Mark has also come out with a new release titled "Demo? Or Demolition?". This EP features 6 new tracks and is available on vinyl and CD. It is coming out through 'Chocolate Industries' and has release in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : EU [7243 8 61709 1 0]
Discography : Demo? Or Demolition? 12" : US [CHLT 063]
30 September 2004
An interesting CDR Sampler for the new album is out labelled as a Retail Listening Post CD. This features the clean version of Ch-Check It Out and then 40 seconds snippets of three other album tracks. Fairly boring packaging, but still quite collectable.
As mentioned earlier, the English versions of Triple Trouble are also out, with a cheap CD features two tracks and the standard version containing the album version, two remixes and the video clip. The 12" contains the album version, Instrumental, Acapella and J.Wizzle Remix.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CDR : US (Acetate) "Retail Listening Post"
Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : UK [7243 8 67246 6 3 (12CL 859)]
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : UK [7243 8 67246 0 1 (CDCLS 859)]
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : UK [7243 8 67246 2 5 (CDCL 859)]
22 September 2004
As mentioned previously the dubiously titled "Filthy Hot Jizz #2" Bootleg 12" has arrived. You get four remixes of 'Ch-Check It Out' and you actually get artwork on the vinyl labels which is a nice change. The b-side label features the New York city scape from TT5B with some robots in the foreground.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : [LEG008] (Bootleg) "Filthy Hot Jizz #2"
20 September 2004
The J.Wizzle Promo 12" has come in. It's a one-sided 12" with a single track on it and comes in a stickered die-cut paper sleeve.
As for the standard Triple Trouble releases, we know there is going to be a 12" and two CD5s for the UK, a 12" and two CD5 for Europe, and a CD5 for Australia so far.

Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : UK [12CLDJWL 859B] (Promo)
11 September 2004
Bootleg remixes can be very hit and miss, and when someone decides to put a whole album worth out, that is usually even more reason to be scared. But the new "mixtape" by DJ Green Lantern (Eminem's DJ) titled "New York State Of Mind" is getting high praise from everywhere, and with a total of 20x tracks including songs from each of the Beasties (major) albums, this is definately worth listening to.
A Body Movin' Bootleg 12" has also come out recently with a remix by BGSA. This one-sided 12" is limited to 1000 copies and was done by a DJ in the Midlands (UK). It is the first in a series of mixes and is titled "Beastiality".
And also, 2 more Triple Trouble Promo 12"s have been spotted. They are both one-sided and one has the J Wizzle remix while the other has the Graham Coxon remix.

Discography : New York State Of Mind CD : US (Bootleg)
Discography : Body Movin' 12" : UK [BGSA 001] (Bootleg) "BGSA Series - Beastiality"
9 September 2004
A new Beastie Boys Tribute album has come out, titled "Boogaloo To The Beastie Boys" which features new takes on 10x tracks including Sabotage, So What'Cha Want, Shake Your Rump and Egg Raid On Mojo.

For more information, you can check it out here.

Thanks to Lorene from CMH Records we have 4 free copies of this new CD to giveaway. The first four people to email us at Beastiemania with the answers to these quick questions will win a copy. [All answers are findable within the site]. Aren't we nice?
  1. Name the artist who created the original artwork for 'To The 5 Boroughs'.
  2. Which ex-member of Blur has done one of the new remixes for 'Triple Trouble'?
  3. What country was the first Beasties gig played in for 2004?
  • Riemer ten Brink, Netherlands
  • lwade, Australia
  • Mikizee, Australia
  • Colm, Ireland
3 September 2004
A European Promo Interview CD has come out in much the same way as 'Interview Thing Lisbon!' was released around the time of 'Hello Nasty'. What you get is 20 questions and answers based around 'To The 5 Boroughs', housed in a card sleeve with artwork similar to the new album.
Onto the unofficial releases, we have the Beastie Boys Vs Jon Carter 12", which is a 1-Sided 12" containing the 'Saville Row Remix' of Ch-Check It Out.
And if you like bootleg remixes, there is another a classy titled 12" which we havent got in yet, called 'Filthy Hot Jizz #2' which features four remixes of 'Ch-Check it Out'.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs Interview Disc CD : UK [7087 618734 29 LC0148] (Promo)
Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : UK [BEASTLY1] (Bootleg) "Beastie Boys Vs Jon Carter"
1 September 2004
New Asian releases for today:
The Japanese Triple Trouble Promo CD comes in a slimline jewel case and features a unique cover. It has 5 tracks (versions of Triple Trouble and Ch-Check It Out) including a live version of each, and also an interview track which was done when the album was first released.
The Japanese Ch-Check It Out Promo CD is also out, and like the majority of other Japanese promos, it is nearly identical to the standard release except for printing around the inner circle of the disc and a sticker on the sleeve.
And from Taiwan we have their version of the new album, which was actually printed in Taiwan unlike some of the other versions which simply used a European version of the CD with a Taiwanese obi strip.

Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : JP [PCD-2988] ("Special Sampler" Promo)
Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : JP [TOCP-61085] (Promo)
Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : TW [7243 5 70854 2 7]
24 August 2004
We finally have the UK Promo CD for Triple Trouble. It features the same tracks and images as the American version, but this comes in a card sleeve and the CD is yellow this time and not white.
Other news on the Triple Trouble front is that the shop copies should be appearing early September and some versions will include a Graham Coxon remix (ex-member of Blur), a J Wizzle remix and a live version of Skills To Pay The Bills.
There are also some Ch-Check It Out 12" Bootlegs that have come out recently including a "Dock of The Bay Remix" (featuring a Peggy Lee sample) and a "Beastie Boys Vs Jon Carter" remix.

Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : UK [7243 8 61607 20 (CDCLDJ 859)] (Promo)
20 August 2004
Japan has just released there own Promo CD5 for Triple Trouble. It apparently contains the Clean version and a Live version of the title track as well as the Clean version, Just Blaze Remix and a Live version of Ch-Check It Out.
An interview is also included. That's all we know so far - but our guess is that this one is going to be quite collectable.
18 August 2004
A nice new package of To The 5 Boroughs has just come out in Japan. You get the CD, a DVD and a Lyrics Booklet. The CD is in the standard digipak, the DVD comes in a seperate card sleeve, and the whole thing is packaged in a card slipcase.
The DVD features the video clips for 'Ch-Check It Out', 'Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze Remix)' and 'Rhyme The Rhyme Well'. Also included on the DVD is the interview which was found on The Hiatus Is Back Off Again Promo DVD, but this time with Japanese subtitles on the bottom. All in all, a great little package.
Something else to be on the lookout for those that like breaks, is a new bootleg 12" of Ch-Check it Out which features a breaks mix on side-a and then a breaks mix of Van Halen's 'Jump' on side-b.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD+DVD : JP [TOCP-66305]
12 August 2004
The European Promo 12" for Triple Trouble has come in, and it's nearly exactly identical to the American release except this one comes in a white sleeve (unlike America's black one).

Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : EU [7087 6 18718 1 4] (Promo)
9 August 2004
No new items to add today, just some information that there are European Promo 12"s and Promo CD5s for Triple Trouble going around. More information and images when we get them in.
5 August 2004
As mentioned yesterday we have the new Ch-Check It Out 12" Bootleg featuring two Jason Nevins mixes, it comes in a plain black die-cut sleeve and features the old Grand Royal logo. These bootlegers do know that Grand Royal closed down years ago don't know?!
Also, the jewel case version of The Hiatus Is Back Off Again Promo DVD has been confirmed, it's an American version (obviously NTSC format) and besides being in jewel case as opposed to the card sleeve like the previous two, the information on the back is slightly different and the disc itself has changed.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : UK [GRDJPROMO10] (Bootleg) "Jason Nevins Mixes"
Discography : The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again DVD : US [C9 7087 6 18562 9 3] (Promo)
4 August 2004
For those of you who have DVD Players that can't read NTSC formatted discs, don't fret! There is a PAL version of The Hiatus Is Back Off Again Promo DVD. Released in the UK, it is exactly the same as the Dutch version except it has "PAL" printed on the back as opposed to "NTSC".
A jewel case version of this release has also been spotted.
And one more thing to be on the lookout for is a Jason Nevins remix of Ch-Check It Out on 12".

Discography : The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again DVD : UK [7087 6 18580 9 9 LC 0148] (Promo)
30 July 2004
As promised, we have the Japanese Ch-Check It Out CD5 which is similar to all the other versions except this one comes with a single sided foldout lyrics sheet. Written in English and Japanese you can now sing along in Nihongo for some Karaoke!
Also, the Triple Trouble US Promo CD5 is out. Two clean versions of the track, which is a little boring, but the front cover more than makes up for it.
We hadn't seen one of the good old Grand Royal sleeve bootlegs in a while, but another one has popped up, and in a brand new purple cover. Track wise though, there is nothing that isn't readily available elsewhere. Speaking of the GR Sleeve bootlegs, some of the existing ones have also been seen recently in Silver sleeves.
And lastly, we've heard a rumour that Licensed To Ill will soon be re-released, this time on double vinyl; more news when we hear more.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : JP [TOCP-61085]
Discography : Triple Trouble CD5 : US [DPRO 7087 6 18718 2 1] (Promo)
Discography : Body Movin' 12" : UK [GR87168] (Bootleg)
27 July 2004
There are still some Ch-Check It Out releases coming out - we have today the Australian CDR Acetate which like the American version features the Clean Just Blaze mix. It comes in a simple card sleeve.
Also, the Japanese CD single has been released, we should have details/pics for this soon.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CDR : AU [PR500] (Acetate)
24 July 2004
Triple Trouble will be the second single from To The 5 Boroughs and so Promo copies are starting to come out. First off we have the US Promo 12" which is very similiar to the initial Ch-Check It Out Promo 12" in that it comes in a stickered die-cut sleeve and contains 'Clean', 'Instrumental', 'Acapella' and album versions of the title track.
Promo CD5s are also out and look to have an excellent front sleeve, so the video-clip looks like it's going to be pretty funny.

Discography : Triple Trouble 12" : US [SPRO 7087 6 18718 1 4] (Promo)
20 July 2004
A new 12" Bootleg has just been released with 2x new mixes of some old favourites, "Shake Your Rump" and "Professor Booty". Released on two different styles of Blue Vinyl (Transparent and Opaque), each one is limited and hand numbered. Great little collectors items.

Discography : Shake Your Rump 12" : US [L12UP001] (Printed Test Pressing Bootleg)
Discography : Shake Your Rump 12" : US [L12UP001] (Hand Labelled Test Pressing Bootleg)
Discography : Shake Your Rump 12" : US [L12UP001] (Clear Blue Bootleg)
Discography : Shake Your Rump 12" : US [L12UP001] (Opaque Blue Bootleg)
8 July 2004
A new Promo 12" for Triple Trouble has been spotted with the usual Clean, Explicit, Instrumental and Acapella versions included on it.
More information and images when they come to hand.
1 July 2004
Europe has come up with 2x CD5 versions of the new single, and this is not including the UK versions. Track-wise though they are the same as the English CDs, and the only real difference is that neither of these European ones has the video-clip, and one comes in a card sleeve.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : EU [7243 5 49363 2 6]
Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : EU [7243549622]
24 June 2004
The American vinyl version of the album is out and is pretty much identical to the English copy.
More interestingly from the North American continent though is the Canadian CD edition of To The 5 Boroughs. It comes with a bonus CD which has on it the video clip for "Rhyme The Rhyme Well". Note that this is attached separatly to the packaging.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs 2LP : US [C1 7243 5 84571 1 7]
Discography : To The 5 Boroughs 2CD : CA [7243 5 70855 2 6]
22 June 2004
Bits and pieces for today's new releases.
The English vinyl version of the new album is quite nice. Cool gatefold cover with the lyrics on the inside and the music over two pieces of vinyl.
Another Promo DVD has been released titled "In Store Video Reel". It features 14 video clips, which curiously enough are in the same order as the Anthology DVD, though missing tracks in between. The video for 'Ch-Check It Out' is also included at the end. The packaging is basically non-existant.
Lastly we have a One-Sided Bootleg 12" with a mix of 'Intergalactic' and 'Body Movin' - titled the "Rock It Remix". Note that the catalogue number for this is the same as the one from a years ago for the Intergalactic (Beastie Boys Vs Alan Braxe) 12".

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs 2LP : UK [7243 4 73397 1 4]
Discography : In Store Video Reel DVD : US [PROMO 051204] (Promo)
Discography : Intergalactic 12" : [BEAST001] (1-Sided Bootleg) "Rock It Remix"
21 June 2004
For those who really liked the Just Blaze remix of Ch-Check It Out, you're in for a treat if you can get your hands on the new Promo 12". It comes with the Remix, Clean Remix, Instrumental Remix and Acapella Remix all by Just Blaze. The standard Album Version and Clean Version are also included.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : US [SPRO 7087 6 18687 1 5] (Promo)
18 June 2004
For those poor fragile people who can't listen to swearing, there is also a Clean version of the new album released in the States.
The front sleeve has "Clean Lyrics - Nothing Silly" printed in the bottom corner and the lyrics printed insides have been edited. The music tracks themselves have the offending sections scratched and mixed out. This is all very ironic with track seven of the new album titled "Hey Fuck You".

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : US [CDP 72435 84571 0 0] (Clean Edit)
17 June 2004
It seems there is an even better version of the Limited Edition European album out. This second European copy also has the digipak/slipcase but also comes with a video-clip for 'Rhyme The Rhyme Well'.
The USA also has the same packaging with the video-clip, but Australia is stuck with the standard jewel case and no clip.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : EU [7243 4 73339 0 3] (Limited Edition)
Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : US [CDP 72435 84571 0 0]
Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : AU [7243 5 70854 2 7]
15 June 2004
The rest of the world has caught up with Japan with the release of the new album. Besides the standard jewel case versions, there is a European copy which comes in a digipak with an outer slipcase.
Also, the two European/UK CD5s for 'Ch-Check It Out' single have come in. One in a slimline jewel case, the other in standard format. Although the second CD5 only contains two tracks (and one of them is the album version), it is being sold at a cheap price. The first CD5 has the video-clip on it and is so worth picking up.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : EU [7243 5 70855 2 6] (Limited Edition)
Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : UK [724354892400 (CDCLS 857)]
Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : UK [724354892424 (CDCL 857)]
12 June 2004
The first non-promo vinyl for the new album has come out with the UK version of 'Ch-Check It Out'. It comes in a full picture sleeve and 4x versions of the title track.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : UK [7243 5 49778 6 2 (12CL 857)]
8 June 2004
The first country off the block with the new album is Japan, and not only do they get it before everyone else, they also score a bonus track ("Now Get Busy") and a sticker sheet.

Discography : To The 5 Boroughs CD : JP [TOCP-66300]
7 June 2004
The new single has officially been released now. We have the Australian single which comes in a slimline jewel case. It contains the standard and instrumental versions as well as the non-album track "And Then I".

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : AU [7243 5 49363 2 6]
29 May 2004
For those living in Europe who want to get the new Hiatus Promo 12", there is no need to pick up the American one now as a new European version has been released. Unless of course you need every single release (like some of us do).

Discography : The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again 12" : EU [7087 6 18568 1 1] (Promo)
20 May 2004
Mentioned last week was the new Promo EPK (Electronic Press Kit) DVD. We have it in now, and it's pretty cool. It features a Timeline, basic Discography, Artwork, and Lyrics for 'To The Five Boroughs'. Six videos and also the hard to find 'Hello Nasty Infomercial'.
Released in Europe, it looks to be limited and is changing hands for quite high amounts at the moment.

Discography : The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again DVD : NL [7087 6 18652 9 3 LC 0148] (Promo)
18 May 2004
Something that snuck out recently in Europe is a re-release of the classic 'Licensed To Ill' on CD, repackaged with a bonus DVD. This second disc contains the video clips for 'Fight For Your Right', 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' and 'Shes Crafty'. A great chance to pick up these video-clips on DVD format as the Anthology Criterion Collection did not have these early ones.

Discography : Licensed To Ill CD+DVD : EU [0602498133200]
13 May 2004
New UK releases:

'Ch-Check It Out' is about to be released in the UK as a 12" with fold-out picture bag. As usual with UK singles, there will be a double CD5 set as well which will feature the video-clip.
The Australian CD5 single is also due out soon.
Most of these releases will contain the new "Just Blaze" remix.
11 May 2004
The new Promo Sampler 12" which was just released comes in the same design as the new 'Ch-Check It Out' Promo 12", but this time in a white die-cut sleeve as opposed to the black one. As we reported last week, it contains 4 previously released tracks, so it is really only for the completists out there.

More interestingly is a new Promo EPK (Electronic Press Kit) DVD just released in the Netherlands. It contains videoclips from 'Check Your Head' through to 'Hello Nasty', but even better is that it features the Hello Nasty Infomercial. More images and information to come.

Discography : The Hiatus Is Back Off, Again 12" : US [SPRO 7087 6 18568 1 1] (Promo)
10 May 2004
As mentioned last week, the European Promo CD5 for Ch-Check It Out has been released. It contains the 'Clean' and 'Acapella' versions of the title track. This CD comes in a card sleeve as opposed to the American version in the jewel case.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : EU [7087 6 18569 2 7] (Promo)
5 May 2004
With the new album about to drop, it's getting exciting for all the collectors out there. We already have 4x different releases to pick up.
Promo copies of the first single, 'Ch-Check It Out' are available in the USA in CD5 and 12" format and in Europe as a CD5. These contain different combinations of remixes (Clean, Acapella, Instrumental) of the title track.
There is also a new promo Sampler 12" just released. This contains 'Get It Together', 'Intergalactic', 'Brass Monkey' and 'Paul Revere'.

At this stage we don't have pictures for the Sampler 12" or the European CD Promo, but check back later this week.

Discography : Ch-Check It Out 12" : US [SPRO 7087 6 18631 1 6] (Promo)
Discography : Ch-Check It Out CD5 : US [DPRO 7087 6 18561 2 5] (Promo)
30 April 2004
New Japanese releases:

Scheduled for release on the 2nd of June is the Japanese version of the first single from the new album. It is titled "Ch-Check It Out" and the catalogue number will be 'TOCP-61085'.
The album (To The Five Boroughs) is due for release on the 7th of June with a catalogue number of 'TOCP-66300'.
30 April 2004
Another new one sided 12" bootleg and another new remix of 'Fight For Your Right'. This one is called the "Breaks Mix" and isn't too bad. The interesting thing to note is that the catalogue number (FIGHT 01) is nearly identical to the recent "Junkie XL Remix" release (FIGHT 10), so if you are going to order this record in, make sure you know which one you want.

Discography : Fight For Your Right 12" : [FIGHT 01] (1-Sided Bootleg) "Breaks Mix"
15 April 2004
A few months ago we showed a new Intergalactic 12" with a Matthew Dekay remix on it. Well, there are in fact two versions going around. While the other version had a blank b-side, this one has an image of a robot etched into it. This looks excellent and it's definately worth checking out.

Discography : Intergalactic 12" : [08 53392 20 1A1 WI-01 MDK] (Etched Bootleg) "Matthew Dekay Remix"
20 February 2004
"Tribute To The Beastie Boys" CD : US [TRB 60014]

Just released on the Tribute Sounds label, I must admit these guys did a decent job. Who are the "guys" I speak of? I have no idea. Todd Clouser, Steven Klingler, Brad Baker and Joe Price are the gents who put this tribute album together. The most mentionable tracks they perform are "Sabotage", "So What'cha Want", "Sure Shot", and "Tough Guy". I will say some of the older songs they perform such as "Shake Your Rump" and "Rhymin and Stealin" are not as good as one would hope. Overall, this tribute album is worth the $11.99.
- Beastienut

  1. Saboatge
  2. Shake Your Rump
  3. (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
  4. Intergalactic
  5. So What'Cha Want
  6. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  7. Sure Shot
  8. Rhymin' And Stealin'
  9. Pass The Mic
  10. Tough Guy
15 February 2004
It's been a LONG time since we've had something to report in this section, but along comes some semi-new releases. Released in December last year, and January this year, we have two new bootleg 12"s. Both records are one sided and feature one track each. The first is titled "Intergalactica - Beastie Boys Vs Matthew Dekay" and has been described as "Progressive Breaks" - I'm the first to admit this isn't an area I have any expertise in, its simply dance music to me. The second record features a Junkie XL remix of "Fight For Your Right To Party", and again while this is being catagorised as "Progressive House", to me I'd put it in the same box as the first one.
If you want to pick up some new mixes and like dance music, these might be your cup of tea.

Discography : Intergalactic 12" : [08 53392 20 1A1 WI-01 MDK] (Bootleg) "Matthew Dekay Remix"
Discography : Fight For Your Right 12" : [FIGHT 10] (Bootleg) "Junkie XL Remix"
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