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18 October 2003
Wow, it's been 2 months without any new items to report on, luckily Japan has come to the rescue with a brand new bootleg.
This release contains the last Beastie Boys track recorded at present, 'In A World Gone Mad'. Surprisingly enough, only the standard version of the track is included on this, so possibly the makers of this release either didn't have the Promo 12" or they simply ran out of room.
The next 3 tracks are the Johan S remixes of 'Hold It Now, Hit It!' which came out in 1998 but was recently re-released. The rest of this Bootleg is filled with the 39 tracks found on the 'Hello Nasty Show Vinyl #5' which again was bootleged earlier this year in the 'Beastie Show Breaks' LP Bootleg.
The record comes in a black die-cut sleeve with a sticker on the front saying 'Beastie Boys' which it has been discovered was designed by 'Taco Zip'.

Discography : 2003 Sampler 12" : JP [GR87164] (Bootleg)

19 August 2003
It has been brought to our attention that it was not Sir Dan and DforDustin that surfaced the Circuit II track (see entry below on 30 July 2003). It was in fact Lisa Hsu, so a big thanks should go out to her.

14 August 2003
Just a quick note to let everyone know there are 2x versions of the Get It Together 12" Bootleg in Grand Royal sleeve going around.
There is the Blue sleeve version we mentioned mid July and also a Pink sleeve version. The records themselves are exactly the same, and at this stage it seems the Blue sleeve is a lot rarer than the Pink one.
This is the first Pink sleeve we have seen in the Grand Royal bootleg series.

Discography : Get It Together 12" : [GR87164]
Discography : The Grand Royal Sleeve Bootlegs

9 August 2003
Typical, we waited and waited gathering all the information for the DVD Remixes 12" Bootlegs before we published the information. Now, less than a month later we have already found another 2 different versions!
The first (which we are calling Bootleg #6) is exactly the same as Bootleg #5 except the sticker on the vinyl-label is different, so rather boring. But, Bootleg #7 is a little bit more interesting, pressed in the USA and released in Japan, these are the same as Bootleg #3 but they have stamped "Stones Throw Records" logos stamped on the b-side label. (NB: The remixers featured on these bootlegs are all Stones Throw artists).

Discography : DVD Remixes 12"s

30 July 2003
The mystery has now been solved. An MP3 snippet was spread around a few months ago with vocals by MCA circa 1985. A huge thanks must go to Sir Dan and DforDustin for their uncovering of this forgotten gem. The track is titled "Rock This (Take Me Out)" and is featured on the album "Can't Tempt Fate" by the band "Circuit II".
It has to be said that the rest of the album isn't too crash hot, actually, the full version of the song isn't that great either, but for all those collectors out there that need all the recorded Beastie associated tracks they can get their hands on, this is for you. The album doesn't seem to be too hard to pick up at the moment, but obviously the further this information spreads the harder it's going to be to find. Good luck.

Whos Who : Circuit II

19 July 2003
It's surprising no-one has bothered to bootleg this release until now, the self-titled 'BS 2000' album.
Originally released in 1997 on black vinyl, and then re-released in 1999 on pink vinyl, 2003 sees a very good attempt at a duplicate on black vinyl again. It even comes with a copy of the original insert.
There are a few noticable differences, and we have these listed in our series of Bootleg articles.
If you missed out on getting one of the originals, now is your chance to hear this great debut.

Discography : BS 2000 LP : [GR064] (Bootleg)
Collectors Corner : Article on the differences between the BS 2000 LPs

19 July 2003
This new Fake Grand Royal release fills the gap that a few of us were wondering about. The catalogue number is 'GR87164' which fits it between previous bootlegs Drum Machine (87163) and Rock Hard (87164).
Why this release has only seen the light of day now, is unknown. This new release comes in the sleeve we have grown to know, but this time in an all new blue color. As far as the track listing goes, nothing interesting, 'Resolution Time' and 'Dope Little Song' which can be found fairly easily, and the 'Buck Wild' and 'A.B.A.' remixes of the title track.

Discography : Get It Together 12" : [GR87164] (Bootleg)
Discography : The Grand Royal Sleeve Bootlegs

11 July 2003
Firstly we should apologise for taking so long in entering the following releases into the Discography, a few people have enquired about them, but we wanted to get all the information together before we published them.
The DVD Remixes 12" Bootleg which first came to our attention in 2002 now exists in 5x different versions! It's quite crazy and confusing, but anyway...
#1 is limited to approximately 400 copies and came in a plain black die-cut sleeve. #2 is also limited to approximately 400 copies but comes with stamped vinyl-labels and stamped thin sleeves. Then comes #3 which is still pressed in the USA like the first two, but cleans up the hiss on the left channel which appeared on them. It looks exactly the same as #2 except that it has "RE-1" etched into the run-out groove.
Now, #4 and #5 are actually English pressings and were bootlegged from #1/#2 as they still contain the hiss. #4 comes with a plain sleeve (with a "Made in England" sticker on it) and plain vinyl-labels. #5 comes with a sticker on the vinyl-label listing some information on the release including a new catalogue number "ABCD001" which is different to the one etched into the vinyl.
Phew, so there you go.

Discography : DVD Remixes 12"s

11 July 2003
What haven't we had for a while? A new Hip Hop Sampler bootleg of course! It's been a whole 6 months since the last one. This is the 4th bootleg we have seen appear for this original Promo release. Not too interesting this time around though - it's simply the previous version (Bootleg #3) vinyl housed in a plain white die-cut sleeve.

Discography : Hip Hop Sampler 2LP : [BB001] (Bootleg #4)
Discography : Hip Hop Samplers
Collectors Corner : Article on the differences between the Hip Hop Samplers

25 June 2003
Ever get the feeling you've been ripped off? If you already own the Root Down EP in any of its standard versions (CD, 12") than you dont really need this newly released bootleg. It's the second in a series called "Up Close & Personal" and the track listing is an exact duplicate from the Root Down EP - even down to the Israeli Radio Commercial which was included as an unlisted track. At least the first version of this series contained some interesting tracks, this fails miserably.
Again, this comes in a picture sleeve with up close images of the female anatomy. Not too classy.

Discography : Up Close And Personal Two 12" : [BBUP&P02] (Bootleg)
Discography : Up Close And Personal 12" : [BBUP&P01] (Bootleg)

6 June 2003
At least Asia is bringing out new Beastie Boys releases. Well not new material, but the following CDs have been released in 2003.
There is a great new Chinese edition of the Sounds Of Science. It comes issued as a single disc in a jewel case, which itself is housed in a wrap-around card sleeve. This sleeve also has an extra flap which reveals a second front cover. A great CD to own simply to read the booklet inside, which features only one fullstop per paragraph and some interesting variations on spelling.
The rest of the New Releases for today are from Taiwan. There is a Promo for the Sounds Of Science in a card sleeve, which has added "In A World Gone Mad" as the first track. There are re-issues for Root Down and The In Sound From Way Out both coming with a fold-out insert advertising the release of "In A World Gone Mad". Both of these are actually foreign CDs packaged with a Taiwanese Obi.
And lastly we have another Sounds Of Science, this one was actually printed in Taiwan and comes with the standard 2x discs and Obi.

Discography : The Sounds Of Science CD : CN [HDCD-021]
Discography : The Sounds Of Science CD5 : TW [7243 522940 22] (Promo)
Discography : Root Down CD5 : TW [7243 8 33603 2 1] (Reissue)
Discography : The In Sound From Way Out! CD : TW [7243 8 335902 8] (Reissue)
Discography : The Sounds Of Science 2CD : TW [7243 523664 22]

21 May 2003
Firstly, The Negotiation Limerick File has been given the Yellow Grand Royal sleeve treatment, previously debuting in the Green version. Nothing else has changed, so nothing else to mention.
More importantly, a new fake GR release and a new color sleeve (Red). This one titled "Hey Ladies" features 2x mixes of the title, one of them being the version which accompanies the video clip (which is different to the album version). The 2nd, is titled the "BS2000 Mix" which to put it bluntly is crap. This mix has been available on a lot of MP3 sites since 2001.
The B-Side features a live version of the Hurricane track "Stick 'Em Up" and also a live version of "It's The New Style". This is an excellent version but has already seen commercial release 10 years ago (yes 10!) on the Red Hot Production compilation "No Alternative".
Despite the fact that one mix on this is terrible, the other tracks more than make up for it.

Discography : The Negotiation Limerick File 12" : [7243 8 87192 2] (Bootleg)
Discography : Hey Ladies 12" : [GR87162] (Bootleg)
Discography : The Grand Royal Sleeve Bootlegs

10 May 2003
Everyone guessed that when the latest Beastie track was revealed on the official site that surely the song would appear on a physical format, and sure enough here it is. Despite looking rather dubious - it is an official promo release. It comes in a white die-cut sleeve with very plain labels, and the catalogue number is 'interesting' - "INAWORLDGONEMAD".
Anyway, you get the standard version and the obligatory Instrumental and Accapella versions which you get on all hiphop releases these days. As this is currently the only release for this track, it's the only place you can get these 3x versions.

Discography : In A World Gone Mad 12" : [INAWORLDGONEMAD] (Promo)

2 May 2003
With the new Yellow "Grand Royal" sleeve bootlegs being released, last year's Green sleeve versions are being re-released now in the Yellow sleeves. So far we have come across the Drum Machine and Rock Hard versions in both colors. It is assumed that the Jimmy James and Negotiation Limerick File bootlegs will also appear in yellow sleeves soon.

Discography : Drum Machine 12" : [GR87163] (Bootleg 2)
Discography : Rock Hard 12" : [GR87165] (Bootleg 2)

21 Apr 2003
Late last year we saw the release of some supposed Grand Royal 12"s. These were released in green die cut sleeves with Grand Royal logos but were definately not official. Well they are back again but this time the sleeves have changed from green to yellow. This 12" features 4 mixes of So What'Cha Want, 3 of which are quite common. The fourth track however is a Freestyle version recorded during a radio interview with the Beastie Boys. This release is worth picking up simply for the inclusion of this track which has not seen the light of day on any previous bootlegs or official releases.

Discography : So What'Cha Want 12" : [GR87161] (Bootleg)

21 Apr 2003
The DJ Show Vinyls once thought to be out of the grasp of the casual collector are now available for everyone. Released recently on both vinyl and CD, both of these are based on the originals used by Mix Master Mike on the Hello Nasty Tour. The vinyl version of the first one titled "Beastie Show Breaks" comes in a full picture sleeve while the second simply titled "Hello Nasty Instrumentals" comes in a black die cut sleeve.

Discography : Beastie Show Breaks LP : [BB-SV-5] (Bootleg)
Discography : Hello Nasty Instrumentals LP : [BB-SV-6] (Bootleg)
Discography : Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : US [BB-SV5-B-RE1] (#5)
Discography : Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : [BB-SV-6] (#6)

20 Mar 2003
A great new bootleg has been circulating over the past few weeks. Titled "Up Close And Personal", it brings together some tracks never before released on vinyl. (The Olde Mix of Intergalactic, Mosh version of Shadrach, and Mixmaster Mike mix of Tom Sawyer). Track 5 is titled "Alive (Mixmaster Mike Remix MTV)" but in actual fact it is simply the standard album version, and there is also a mastering fault with the live version of "Three MC's And One DJ".
As usual these days, the sleeve leads you to believe that this is a legitimate release (Grand Royal, Capitol and Brooklyn Dust logos), but it is a bootleg. Although not noticeable at a quick glance, if you look at the sleeve it contains certain parts of the female anatomy. The Beastie Boys didn't even go this far with their (supposed) X-Rated Girls sleeve back in 1987 let alone now in these Politically Correct times.

Discography : Up Close And Personal 12" : [BBUP&P01] (Bootleg)

14 Feb 2003
Another 2x Hip Hop Sampler 2LP Bootlegs have arrived at HQ recently. They are believed to have been pressed in 2002 and the most likely source is Europe.
Both quite different from each other from the sleeves down to the vinyl labels, but they still could cause the casual collector to buy a copy not realising they are not an original pressing.

Discography : Hip Hop Sampler 2LP : [SPRO 79461 / 79463 / 79472 / 79473] (Bootleg)
Discography : Hip Hop Sampler 2LP : [BB001] (Bootleg)
Article : Bootlegs (Spotting the Differences) - Hip Hop Sampler

20 Jan 2003
The second installment of (fake) Grand Royal sleeve Bootlegs has come along. This time around, there is a real reason to be excited as one of them not only contains both versions of 'Drum Machine' previously only available on the MCA & Burzootie release of the same name, but it also contains "The Scenario" and "I'm Down"! These two tracks have never been available on vinyl before and so we suggest you hunt down this 12" before it's too late.
The second 12" contains a mixture of tracks, with 'Rock Hard' and 'Beastie Groove' coming from the widthdrawn Rock Hard 12" of 1985 along with 'Shes On It' and 'Partys Getting Rough'. The weird thing about this track listing is that the label says the last track is "Dub The Mic" (which is from a totally different era to the other tracks), but it is not there, instead 'Beastie Groove' is present, which makes more sense as it was originally found on the Rock Hard 12". But then why add 'Shes On It' to this release when it is quite common? This release would be a direct duplicate of the Rock Hard 12" if 'Beastie Groove (Instrumental)' was left on it.
Still a nice addition to most collections.

Discography : Rock Hard 12" : UK [GR87165] (Bootleg)
Discography : Drum Machine 12" : UK [GR87163] (Bootleg)

8 Jan 2003
Appearing near the end of last month were 2x new 12"s which caused quite a bit of confusion amongst the Beastie Boys fans. They looked like legitimate releases due to the fact that they had "Grand Royal" sleeves and even had catalogue numbers resembling standard issue GR releases. Although quite creative, these die-cut sleeves are not real - as to our knowledge Grand Royal have never had a standard company sleeve design, generally opting for either full picture sleeves, plain sleeves or stickered plain sleeves. The fact that Grand Royal closed down in 2001 should have been a major tip-off for those curious about these supposed "re-issues".
Note that the 3x tracks on the Jimmy James 12" (Jimmy James Original Version, Drunken Praying Mantis Style and Groove Holmes - Live Vs. The Biz) have never been on the same release before.
The Negotiation Limerick File 12" contains the same track listing that was used on the CD Single version (which was only released on CD and only in Australia and Japan - disregarding promo versions).

Discography : Jimmy James 12" : UK [GR87166] (Bootleg)
Discography : The Negotiation Limerick File 12" : UK [7243 8 87192 2] (Bootleg)

8 Jan 2003
Another 12" Bootleg which flew in under the radar that was released last year was a remix of Body Movin' credited to 'Los Hombres Invisibles' (The Invisible Men).
It contains a mixup of 'Body Movin' and 'Working Day And Night' by Michael Jackson. It is 1-sided and comes in a plain die-cut sleeve. Only one version of the mix is contained on the release. One of the funniest things about this release is the picture used on the vinyl-label of the Beasties with Michael Jackson (afro and all).

Discography : Body Movin' 12" : UK [BREST 02 A] (1-Sided Bootleg) "BodyWorkin' Day And Night"
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