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"Ah, where the hell is our database?"
"Oh crap!" (and other expletives)

So started the saga of the two weeks of hell.

So what went wrong?

We had plans to move to a new host for our website as our contract was due to expire and we were fast running out of available webspace. We shopped around and found our new webhosts, and were genuinely excited to be moving as we were going to be getting 4x the available space and a lot less limitations.

Before we could move, our current service provider terminated our account early, and deleted the whole site!! We contacted the old hosts and told them we wanted the data back but they wanted us to pay $75 to get it from their backup tapes (as this all happened through no fault of our own, we refused to pay).

At this impass, we threw up those quick and nasty 'site problem' pages while we got a backup of the site (from the end of July) ready on our new host. In the meantime, the issue with retrieving our old data went around in circles for over a week until finally 2 days ago, when one of their technical guys was able to restore our database free of charge. Thankfully it all worked out in the end

So now what?

We have a new home, lots of space and inspiration again to make this your favourite Beastie Boys site again

As we went through a forced transition, we would appreciate help if you find anything that is missing or not working on the site. This will help up fix any problems we may have missed and keep things running better into the future.

Thanks for your support,
...The Staff