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Title: Inpress February 2005
Year: 2005
Section: Magazines
Notes: Printed in Melbourne, Australia.
Here is the condensed version of the cover design story by From Lyndon Wade:
For each Big Day Out festival issue, Inpress magazine holds a competition for readers to illustrate the cover with one of the bands playing as the subject. Thinking about what to do, I wanted to capture the Beastie Boys alter egos, and their constant costume changes reminded me of Lego figures.
Mike D as Country Mike (from Country Mike’s Greatest Hits)
MCA as seen in Intergalactic video
Adrock as Vic Colfari playing Bobby ‘The Rookie’ (from the Sabotage video)
The Melbourne city background is a nod to the To The Five Boroughs (2004) album cover illustration of New York, with the Rialto Towers in place of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, as well as a celebration of the Beastie Boys arrival to Melbourne.
I did not know I had won until I picked up a copy from the shop. My prize included tickets to the Big Day Out and 30 CD’s from various groups playing at the festival, but the highlight was getting a copy signed by Adrock and MCA.

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