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Gig Info:
Date: 8 Oct 1994
Country: Australia
City: Brisbane
Venue: Davies Park

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Frank Black
  • Helmet
  • Buffalo Tom
  • Superchunk
  • The Hurra
  • Def FX
  • D.I.G.
  • Meanies
  • Tumbleweed
  • Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes
  • Tiddas
  • Trout Fishing in Quebec
  • Skunkhour
  • Dirty Three
  • Kim Salmons STM
  • Pangaea
  • Underground Lovers
  • Spiderbait
  • Dreamkillers
  • Magic Dirt
  • Blowhard
  • Crow
  • Hoss
  • Hateman
  • COW
  • Dream Poppies


Main act at the annual Livid Festival
Not Available
Fan Review by AstroBBoy (
Earlier in the day, DJ Hurricane played his own set and halfway through, the Beastie Boys jumped up and started freestyling. Very cool. So really, we got to see them perform one and a half shows that day.